Big Stage 2022: Adzmi’s Dream stopped until the fourth week

Big Stage 2022: Adzmi’s Dream stopped until the fourth week

Tuah Adzmi’s dream to advance to the next week was buried when he announced the participants who had to leave the Big Stage on Sunday night.

Tuah who sang the song “Malam Semakin Dingin ” the original song of Afieq Syazwan and Tajul ranked in the bottom three with a score of 62.6%along with Tegar Septian (63.2%) and Megat Rahim (54.4%) for the week themed “Go Viral”.

Although the overall score of the jury was in Tuah’s favor, the fan voting score was not in his favor.

Aisha who performed the song “Lathi ” retained the throne in first place with a score (89.6%) followed by Elica Paujin (85.8%) and Daniel Chuer (80.2%).

For the fourth week, all participants were judged by two permanent jurors namely Ajai and Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin accompanied by three invited jurors namely Datuk Seri Vida (Netizen President), Datuk Syafinaz (Spicy Jury) and the 8th season Gegar Vaganza Champion Alif Satar as the Champion Jury .

Next week, all the remaining participants will perform songs from famous singer Siti Nurhaliza.

The program, hosted by Alif Satar and Elly Mazlein, is broadcast live from the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) for eight weeks every Sunday, at 9pm and is broadcast live on Astro Ria and Astro Ria HD channels.

-Ashraf Roslan

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