Beautiful woman selling viral pau apparently singer Bienda

Beautiful woman selling viral pau apparently singer Bienda

Viral video on the Facebook page showing a woman selling pau to a male customer at a roadside stall attracted the attention of netizens.

The 28-second video is believed to have been recorded by the wife of the man’s customer who teased her as if her husband was ‘attracted’ to the beauty of the pau seller.

The recording uploaded on Sayangi PenangKu’s Facebook account received more than 2,200 shares and 2,400 comments from netizens who on average admitted that they were stunned by the woman’s appearance.

Apparently the woman is a Bienda singer who now runs a pau business in Jalan Kuching, Kuala Lumpur.

The 37 -year -old singer has a business account to promote the sale of his homemade pau.

However, the owner of the name Nor Razlinda Razli, 37, said her status as a celebrity was not an obstacle for her to try something new.

“Many people call to ask if I have a hard life now because I trade pau by the roadside?

“My life is still as usual. Just want to try a new experience in business.

“Actually this is my husband’s business and I’m happy to help.

“Not only for myself but I can also help other small traders when promoting their business,” he told mStar .

Bienda and her husband run the Papa Pau Bienda stall located next to Petronas in Jalan Kuching, Kuala Lumpur.

At the same time, he also did not expect the business that he has been running since the end of December 2021 to get more response.

In fact, there are fans who are far away willing to come to feel the sales pau for themselves.

“I didn’t expect that the sale of pau has become the talk of the town. As a celebrity this is an advantage that I can use for promotional purposes.

“Besides that, I also encourage fans who are outside Kuala Lumpur to find this pau brand range in the area near them.

“Seeing the hard work of other small traders promoting their products like this gives me a new experience,” he said.

source – keluarga

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