BBC is cutting hundreds of jobs in the world service

BBC is cutting hundreds of jobs in the world service

LONDON: The BBC on Thursday announced 382 job cuts as part of a wider move to cut BBC World Service staff.

“High inflation, soaring costs and flat cash license fee settlements have forced the BBC to take difficult decisions across the BBC, with the BBC’s international service having to make savings of GBP28.5 million (US$32.4 million) as part of GBP500 million annual savings and reinvestment for the digitally-led BBC,” Anadolu Agency reported citing a statement by the broadcaster.

Broadcast services in Chinese and Urdu will be reduced, while specialized services in Gujarati, Igbo, Indonesian, Pidgin and Yoruba languages ​​will be moved to an online-only format.

Cheaper online content will replace more expensive radio and television services in Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Azerbaijani, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai and others.

The BBC will also completely stop radio services, including in Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Chinese, Kyrgyz and Urdu.

The World Service for 24-hour radio broadcasts will continue to operate in English.

Some services will be moved from London, with Thai services moved to Bangkok, Korean to Seoul and Bangla to Dhaka.

“There is an exciting situation that has led us to develop digital services across the World Service to better serve and connect with our audiences,” said BBC World Service Director Liliane Lando.

Philippa Childs of the broadcasting union Bectu said the union recognized that while the BBC had to adapt to the challenges of a changing media landscape, “once again working people were hit by poor political judgment by the government – namely the license fee freeze and funding challenges leading to to this proposal.”

Childs realizes the move has the potential to damage the BBC’s reputation globally.

source – BERNAMA

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