Back to God, present something precious in life – Aliff Aziz

Back to God, present something precious in life – Aliff Aziz

KUALA LUMPUR: Talking about this artist, maybe no one can expect the journey of his life which has to go through various twists and thorns.

Yet, in life, the human being remains a human being who will not be alone from mistakes.

What matters is not how it begins, but where the end of one’s life ends.

After going through the tribulations of a journey that gave a lot of experience, Aliff Aziz now rises with a new spirit, more confident and calm than before.

When he truly handed over the order of his life to the Almighty, it turned out that his determination was answered with the opportunity to re-raise his once-scratched name, to shine again.

Two weeks dominating the stage of Gegar Vaganza (GV) season eight of Astro, the Singaporean singer enchanted the audience with his distinctive aura.

“Looking back at my life before this, all this time I was looking for peace in the wrong place. Only now is he aware and this is advice for Alif himself and not for anyone.

“This heart is so calm when every time it remembers the real God,” he said in an exclusive meeting with Astro AWANI .
Speaking about his development on the GV stage, the father of Mohamad Ayden Adrean and Ara Adreanna did not think that his name could be sculpted at the top of the chart for two weeks as the competition is not great.

“Aliff came in here to let go of his feelings … who haven’t performed for a long time. Every time we go up on stage, the most important thing is that we perform sincerely in the hope that it will entertain the audience. That all.

“Aliff never thought about whether to get number one, number two. This is their livelihood because everyone in GV is a professional singer and they have various privileges for each of their performances, “he said.

The success on the stage was not only felt, but also shared by the family who are now on the other side of the embankment, who have two reasons to be grateful.

The first is the change of Aliff’s own self and life and the second, of course, the singer’s success on the GV stage.

In fact, it has been a year since the singer apparently did not meet face to face with his beloved family.

The feeling of longing for his real family is difficult to curb and cannot be expressed in words.

“Of course we are all always in touch through phone and video calls, but my daughter (Ara Adreanna) and my parents until now have never met again. That means it’s been over a year (since Ara was born on July 18, 2020).

“Now it seems that there is room for us to go back and God willing, maybe in February next year we plan to go back to meet the family,” he said, who wanted to complete his commitment in GV as best as possible, before returning to Singapore.

At the same time, Alif sees the Gegar Vaganza stage published by Astro as a very important platform.

According to him, the program became a stage for artists who may no longer shine as before to return to being mentioned by many.

It is certain that he will help the artists themselves to some extent.

“It brings together a stage for everyone who has ever been in the industry. We have had careers and of course there are ups and downs, and finally we are given the opportunity to return on stage to perform.

“So Alif feels that our journey in GV is a stage to restore our identity and hopefully after finishing this GV, we will find something new in ourselves as artists,” he explained, closing the conversation.

-Raja Hisham Raja Zaid

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