Back by popular demand, #Males,too! by Sutra Dance Theatre promises rejuvenating show

Back by popular demand, #Males,too! by Sutra Dance Theatre promises rejuvenating show

Fully male cast at Sutra House during rehearsals to uncover the drive behind the much awaited dance piece

AFTER creating quite the buzz with a solid sold-out initial performance at Sutra, the upcoming #Males,too! performance is now set to entertain yet another audience, but larger in size this time, with a three-day run of shows scheduled for Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) this coming weekend.

Enthusiasts of Indian classical dance can be sure that they will be not be disappointed as six Sutra male dancers take on Odissi, displaying their talent and the grasp of this style, with panache and sensuality.

When met at his dance studio Sutra House, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim shared that the very fact of Sutra’s existence in Malaysia was a political statement, without having to make a political statement.

This is with regards to hosting a dance piece with a branding that emphasises equality.

“If you follow the present socio-cultural discussion that is taking place, with the ‘no-more Bon Odori’ attendance that was recently splashed on many headlines – it proves that we are living in a sort of fundamentalist times.”

In addition, Ramli worries where the cultural tides would crash against next, for instance whose to say that there would not be any vilification towards Indian classical dance in the future or against anything that seems to run counter to the sentiments of a very vocal element of society?

“Anyway, our statement is political, yes, but also positive,” he stressed.

Aside from that, the performance and Sutra’s involvement in Indian classical dance would mark the celebration of Malaysia and India’s continued bilateral relations, “… this year signifies 65 years of our diplomatic relations with them.”

Going back to the motivations behind the dance piece, Ramli shares that male dancers have been sidelined for a very long time already.

“Sutra is fortunate to have six bloody good male dancers practicing Odissi, in which Odissi itself is very much dominated by women.

“So, come and see this work for yourself…,” said the celebrated dancer.

source – The Vibes

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