Ayu Damit new song: “I have no intention of sarcasm Syamsul, Ira Kazar” – Ayu Damit

Ayu Damit new song: “I have no intention of sarcasm Syamsul, Ira Kazar” – Ayu Damit

SINGER Ayu Damit denied the claims of some netizens who thought her new song titled Kejam was directed at Syamsul Yusof who married his second wife, Ira Kazar, recently.

According to Ayu, although she sympathizes with the plight of Syamsul’s first wife, Puteri Sarah Liyana who is in disappointment, that is not a reason for her to satirize Syamsul in the song Kejam.

“As a woman who also has the status of a wife, I understand the situation that Puteri Sarah is going through. How strong she is to survive domestic challenges that other women may not be able to face.

“What can I say, the song has already been recorded and went through a process of seven months to complete. If you follow, from the beginning of the planning, it’s been two years.

“It’s just that this cruel song was released when the story of Syamsul and Ira Kazar’s marriage was being talked about. There are indeed some netizens who think I am trying to satirize Syamsul and Ira through this Kejam song.

“Honestly, I have no intention of satirizing Syamsul or Ira even though I sympathize with Princess Sarah.

“As an outsider, I have no right to punish that and this. Far from sarcastic Syamsul for not asking permission from Puteri Sarah to marry a second wife.

“In household matters, we cannot talk too much. Only they and their families know what happened. Give time and space so that the problems that occur can be resolved,” she said.

At the same time, Ayu also does not blame netizens because she is aware that this cruel song is related to the cruelty of a man but is not specifically aimed at anyone.

“There is no denying that there are some netizens who still claim like that. What can be done, they see this song so close to the story of a man’s cruelty. To be honest, it’s general and not aimed at anyone.

“When netizens ask me in the personal message section, I just answer that everything is just a coincidence.

“This song is actually about a woman who expects love from a man but is not reciprocated and no final word is pronounced.

“What’s sad is that the woman was treated so special but the man made her look like she was hanging without a rope. In short, the woman’s feelings and sacrifices are not appreciated,” she said, hoping that the Kejam song would repeat the success of Hanya Di Mercu.

The song Kejama composed by Khairul Daniel and lyrics by Slen Fadzil and Jay is now on all digital platforms.

source – wilayahku


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