Ayda Jebat invited the siblings to sing, record the first Raya song as The Jebats

Ayda Jebat invited the siblings to sing, record the first Raya song as The Jebats

SINGER and actress Ayda Jebat said that she finally managed to persuade her two sisters, Fyna and Sabira, to sing together in a new hymn titled “Hari Rayayayaya”.

Interestingly, this was their first appearance as The Jebats, after almost over 10 years of not singing as a group.

“In the beginning, I planned to sing this song solo, but after thinking back, it would be interesting if there was a duet friend singing once.

“So, indirectly, I kept thinking of collaborating with my sisters Fyna and Sabira.

“During school days, we were known as the SASSU group. So, this coupling as The Jebats is very meaningful because we haven’t sung together for almost 13 years.

“If you want to know, it is quite difficult to persuade them because they live in Melaka. But in the end everything is simplified. Our youngest brother, Danial also contributed his voice.

“Once they agreed, they came to Kuala Lumpur to record the voice and also the video clip recording process,” he told Gempak .

Interestingly, the song “Hari Rayayayaya” is a song created entirely by Ayda.

Ayda added, the experience of recording songs and video clips is described as a fun experience.

“I feel happy to finish the recording process and my sisters can also experience for themselves how to be Ayda Jebat who is involved in the recording process until morning,” he added.

Asked about the concept, Ayda said, the video clip of the single “Hari Rayayayaya” does not only focus on the atmosphere of Syawal alone.

“The concept of our video clip is themed on the 60s era, matching the genre of the song.

“We also included comedy elements such as the viral element of Datuk Seri Vida and the scene of Pak Maon stopping by The Jebats open house.

“Honestly, we don’t want to emphasize the festive mood too much in this video clip, so we inserted funny and slightly different scenes.

“God willing, if this hymn is successful, we will plan to record a pop single to be recorded in threes,” he added.

source – Gempak


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