Awie – at the helm of the Wings empire

Awie – at the helm of the Wings empire

He is not the frontman or founder of the band Wings, but the rock legend has his own vision to expand the reach of the band

WITH 37 years in the music industry, Wings broke into the scene in 1987 through its first album Belenggu Irama. Since then, the pioneering rockers have never had a frontman among its members.

But the vocalist, Datuk Awie, is often seen to be ahead in making plans for the band. He also plans to ensure Wings remains relevant and continues to grow its wings for the next 15 years.

“I am not the leader of Wings. I am also not the older brother in the group. I am nobody.

“I’m just a member of this band. But, I try to plan great things for my band members. They have been like my soul mates.

“I used to say to them, if next year or the year after we don’t do anything, it’s better to take a year off.

“I will try to get a drama series for them to act in and I want them to focus on acting that year. That’s what I’m planning.

“I also want to take them to [take part] in musical theatre – where Wings will perform live while acting,” he said in a conversation with Getaran.

The singer, whose real name is Ahmad Azhar Othman, 54, is quite enthusiastic about sharing his plans for Wings.

“I don’t want them to be stagnant with one thing. For me, we have to develop our artistic creativity to produce other things.

“If people want to argue about Wings from a musical point of view, they can’t because as long as we’ve been in this industry, we’ve done all kinds of albums and concerts.

“Wings have done theatrical concerts, musical concerts, monologue concerts, “rockestra” concerts up to traditional rock that featured traditional music bands.

“We have done everything. What else can be denied with our ability? So right now, the next focus is on acting,” he said.

Remembering their roots and fun fair concerts

At the same time, Awie also did not deny that Wings’ priority was through singing and stage performances.

In fact, he also understands Wings fans’ expectations of wanting the band to return to performing raw and “rebellious” rock concerts, instead of the recent showcase style or seated concerts.

Which was what happened at the recent Wings concerts, namely the Wings Fabulous Thursday and Wings Fabulous Friday concerts at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall on July 14 and 15. Wings will also perform at the Showcase Wings One Night Only Live In Kuching on August 27.

“Wings never forgets its origins. But, performing in exclusive and international venues is an honour and recognition for Wings after 37 years in the industry.

“We will not forget the working class group. We never forget the fun fair concert style. We were also from the working class.

“In fact, we do have plans to tour on a large scale including in Jengka, in small halls up to medium and large-scale concerts.

“I don’t want to promise the moon and the stars. But if next year we can do a concert tour, the plan for acting will be carried over to the following year.

“After the tour, we will rest. Because if we are always performing, people will get bored because they are constantly served the same thing.

“In sha Allah, the tour will be simultaneous with the release of our new album later,” said Awie.

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