Avoid the trend of taking babies to the cinema, doctors share the impact on baby health

Avoid the trend of taking babies to the cinema, doctors share the impact on baby health

BRINGING babies to the cinema seems to be a trend nowadays. Some parents are willing to bring a child as young as under 6 months into the cinema without thinking about the risks to the baby’s health.
Through a popular doctor sharing on social media, he revealed some of the risks that would occur to babies under the age of 2 if taken to the cinema. Follow this partnership.


Before bringing a small baby to watch a movie at the cinema think first. There are many factors that make it less suitable.
1. Noise is measured in decibels (dB). Generally, the safe decibels for hearing are 85 dB and below. More than that is considered unsafe if exposed continuously. This is for adults. If an infant, continuous exposure to loud noise can cause damage.
2. The temperature in the cinema is usually very cold; people with high fat membranes can also feel the cold. Here’s a little baby. If exposed to low temperatures for too long, it will result in hypothermia.
3. A cinema is an enclosed place. Babies should not wear face masks due to the risk of shortness of breath. Babies will be more easily exposed to the risk of airborne infections.
4. Koyak. Imagine in the middle of the shock of the heart while tears flow, the baby cries with all his heart. The hearts of the audience will be torn. Stress. Want to be angry but be patient. In the end, the feeling of loss is to buy expensive tickets.
So, don’t bring babies or children who don’t understand ” heavy ” stories to the cinema. Take turns watching at the cinema or get the services of a caretaker.

Credit: Dr Ahmad Firdaus Mohd Haris, Small-scale film critic

source – Pa and Ma


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