AVNT Founder Finn Wolff Launches Creative Investment Firm Wolf Ventures

AVNT Founder Finn Wolff Launches Creative Investment Firm Wolf Ventures

BERKELEY,Calif., Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Finn Wolff launched Wolf Ventures — an investment firm focused on promoting global creative expression by discovering and supporting promising individuals and companies within the arts, fashion, music, and other innovative industries.

Working with companies in this dynamic industry isn’t new to Finn, as he previously founded AVNT, the fastest growing streetwear marketplace for up-and-coming brands and designers around the world. In addition to being a marketplace, AVNT also identifies individuals and brands with potential for growth and offers a few business development and marketing services to help them achieve success.

Specifically, Wolf Ventures will specialize in identifying individuals and companies around the world that have the potential to have an immense, innovative and disruptive impact on their respective industry, arming them with a platform, resources, and tools to maximize their success and positive impact on the world.

“If more people with talent have the resources and platform to reach their potential and show their work to the world, it’ll allow them to not only find financial success, but also inspire a new generation of creatives by showing them that in today’s day and age, anything is possible,” said Finn Wolff, who has previously founded and invested in companies at the cutting edge of technology and culture.

Wolf Ventures aims to accelerate the advent of creative expression and success across the world, building a network of individuals and companies where those from legacy markets can pave the way, inspire, and give resources and mentorship to individuals from other countries and markets that may lack traditional resources that lead to success. “With access to the internet, lots of barriers that previously existed have been significantly lowered. More than ever, the playing field is even in the creative world. What matters most is the level at which you’re innovating,” said Wolff.

“We have an eye for people and companies who not only have the talent, but also the heart to change the world with their work. We aim to give people and companies at all stages, the resources to grow their vision and the mentorship to overcome obstacles and maximize their success.”

Wolf Ventures believes in the impact that the next generation will have in solving some of the toughest problems the world faces and aims to set a new standard for individuals and companies to thrive.

SOURCE – Wolf Ventures


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