LOS ANGELES, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On the heels of their #1 scripted musical podcast, The Ballad of Uncle Drank, Audio Up releases today the next installment of their webby-nominated ‘In Hell’ podcast series, which to date has spanned across Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Prom season. Titled Dia De Los Muertos (In Hell), the four episode fictional podcast (created by Audio Up founder and CEO Jared Gutstadt) releases its first two episodes just in time for Day of The Dead holiday, today, on October 25th across SiriusXM audio entertainment platforms — including the SXM App, Pandora, and Stitcher — and other major podcast platforms in the U.S. Marking Audio Up’s first Spanish-language project, the podcast is starring the iconic Danny Trejo, chart-topping rapper Snow Tha Product, Jared Gutstadt, and newcomer Balam.

Ushering in new Halloween traditions with their campfire ready horror musicals dating back to their COVID era experiment with Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn, and iann dior’s Halloween In Hell (which spawned a chart topping podcast and music streams in the millions), Audio Up’s Spanish language sequel will mostly follow the same formula but for a brand new language and audience. Dia De Los Muertos (In Hell) picks up where that epic adventure leaves off with the Devil and Gazul looking to steal souls, this time finding themselves out of their comfort zone at the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico during their version of spooky season. In this series, a band from Cancun called Mensajeros del Mictlán is invited to an unknown music festival during Dia de Los Muertos, only to find that the festival has been organized by Satan himself. Dia De Los Muertos follows Satan (played by Trejo) in his attempt to recruit more souls into Hell. We follow the Latin band Los Mensajeros del Mictlán who have received an invitation to perform at the All Souls Music Festival in Mexico. But what our heroes don’t know is that this music festival are part of Satan’s evil plan to round up more souls into the Nether World. Eventually, the band shows Satan – through a musical adventure – that it is necessary to expand his mind and horizons beyond his activities in the Underworld. Each episode unlocks new music within the series and across DSP’s.

Packed with music from original Latin artists such as Snow Tha Product alongside the debut effort of up and coming artist Balam, Dia De Los Muertos (In Hell) promises to be one wild comedic adventure and journey through the depths of the underworld and beyond.

Audio Up CEO Jared Gutstadt says, “These are the sort of campfire stories that I was told as a kid at overnight camp meant to scare, entertain and in success become a new form of folklore. The music coming from these projects is absolutely phenomenal, and working with some of the top Mexican and Mexican-American talent across acting and music has really brought this whole thing together. Danny Trejo is an absolute legend of action films, and Snow Tha Product is someone who we admire greatly for her ability to become a chart topping artist with a brand new independent lens. This feels a lot like the early days of nineties indie cinema. We’re trying to create IP of the future with these concepts and we’re excited to unlock more Spanish language content along the way.”

“I’ve played a lot of bad dudes over the years, but this is the first time I didn’t have to stab anybody,” said iconic actor Danny Trejo who is set to play Satan in the series. “Sign me up again, homes, this podcast thing is cool.”

“Day of the dead is a magical time of year… letting a new audience into this fantastical world through our podcast and immersive world is really exciting and new,” stated Snow Tha Product. “This is a funny, cool and awesome story. The songs are fire and Audio Up is breaking some new ground. Getting to work with the legendary Danny Trejo is the icing on the cake. I’m proud to be part of this podcast”

Dia De Los Muertos (In Hell) releases its first two episodes today on October 25th, with episode three releasing on November 1st, and the finale episode releasing on November 8th. The podcast will be available across SiriusXM audio entertainment platforms — including the SXM App, Pandora, and Stitcher — and other major podcast platforms in the U.S. Listen to the first single from the podcast titled “Flotando” from Snow Tha Product HERE. The song and official Dia De Los Muertos (In Hell) soundtrack will drop across all DSP’s Oct 28th.

About Audio Up
Home to a world of infinite, audio-based properties, Audio Up has built an ecosystem of premium entertainment content within the music and audio space. The company is led by Audio Up CEO and Adweek’s 2020 Podcast Innovator of the Year and Podcast Producer of the Year recipient, Jared Gutstadt. From fictional scripted podcasts, which include a Marvel-like universe of musicals, to one-on-one interview formats, Audio Up’s goal is to create a new and innovative form of IP. Current scripted properties include season two of Make It Up As We Go with Scarlett Burke, Garrett Hedlund, Elle King, Shooter Jennings and award-winning Nashville songwriter Liz Rose among many others; Webby honoree for Best Limited Entertainment Series Podcast Halloween in Hell with Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn, and iann dior; and Strawberry Spring, the first-ever adaptation of the classic short story by Stephen King, which was the number one trending podcast globally upon release, starring Garrett Hedlund and Milo Ventimiglia. Other current podcast properties include #1 charting and award-winning health and wellness podcast Maejor Frequency, the riveting top 20 crime podcast Where The Bodies Are Buried, and Michael Cohen’s chart-topping podcast Mea Culpa, now entering its 200th episode.

In 2021 Audio Up received a Clio Award for the social justice podcast Beyond28 from Golden State Warriors and Chase Bank. Gutstadt was 2019’s ASCAP Award winner for most published composer for his work on The Voice, Ellen’s Game of Games, Pawn Stars, and Project Runway, and has also scored two sports Emmy nominations for his work on LeBron James’ 89 Blocks.

SOURCE – Audio Up

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