Audio Distribution Group Partners With Tsakalis AudioWorks

Audio Distribution Group Partners With Tsakalis AudioWorks

Audio Distribution Group are extremely proud to announce that they have partnered with Tsakalis AudioWorks to add another “superb brand to their portfolio”, with ADG handling distribution of the brand across most of Europe* and the UK.
Main Brand Features:

Diverse range of highly versatile effects and amp sim pedals
High-quality components
Many original circuit designs based on classic tones
Simple, yet versatile designs with focus on usability
Handmade in Athens, Greece
The entire Tsakalis AudioWorks award-winning range of pedals, is available and shipping from Audio Distribution Group now!
Hailing from Athens, Greece, Tsakalis AudioWorks endeavour to bring the sound that lives in their heads to life.
When founder Chris Tsakalis started out repairing gear for players in Athens, his first step into effects pedals was a new custom-built tube-driven overdrive that gathered the attention of the local music scene.
Only a few years later, and stocked with a wide range of effects to share with the world, he presented his Brand Tsakalis AudioWorks.
With their focus on hand-building and quality components their ethos of simple and easy-to-use pedals which provide the player with a host of different options without getting in the way of their creativity, has resulted in a deep and diverse range of internationally critically acclaimed pedals.

source – Music Instrument News

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