Audeze NAMM Announcements

Audeze NAMM Announcements

Audeze has been busy in 2020 by staying committed to its core audience of creators and audiophiles – doubling down on its artist relations program, expanding on its dedication to product development, growing its staff to better serve the company’s mission and developing its fan base through authentic interactions that inform users.

Here a quick overview of what happened in 2020 and what to look for in 2021 from Audeze:

Audeze looks to become a thought leader in the audio world and has partnered with industry leaders in music creation and gaming – with over 10 of featured artists receiving nods from NPR in their annual critics polls- to bring relevant, informative content to users and fans. This years artist interviews include; legendary guitarist, Bill Frisell, veteran recording and mix engineer, Ron Saint Germain, and mastering engineer Glenn Schick,

Audeze has seen sales growth in both the consumer and pro audio markets of its LCD-1 headphone, its most accessible creator headphone, and reaffirms their commitment to creating products that maintain sonic quality and accuracy for audio production.

The release of the new Penrose and Penrose X for XBOX SERIES X|S and PS5 has driven significant company revenue growth in 2020. Audeze remains unique in the gaming peripherals market by being the only manufacturer marrying audiophile sound with the utility of gaming headsets. Audeze gaming headphones have a high level of functionality, including Audeze’s own Audeze HQ app which allows users to have more control over their audio experience. Both headphones offer great versatility for those transitioning to home offices in this last year.

Audeze promoted a new Marketing Director and added a Content Manager, both dedicated to growing their ability to more effectively interact with their core users and create content that’s passionate and useful.

Audeze has created a streaming studio in their Southern California headquarters aimed at growing its YouTube and Twitch channels, and has a recurring stream every Wednesday at 1PM PST, and every Friday at 3pm PST, which you can view here.

Audeze stays committed to manufacture all drivers in their facility in California, and aims to bring several new products to the market in multiple categories in 2021 as early as later in Q1.


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