At the age of 70, Ahmad Tarmimi Siregar was chosen as a hero by Indonesian film directors

At the age of 70, Ahmad Tarmimi Siregar was chosen as a hero by Indonesian film directors

A family film from the other side, Perjalan Pertama features legendary Malaysian actor Datuk Ahmad Tarmimi Siregar as the main character.

According to his director, a talented young director from Indonesia, Arief Malinmudo, he was very surprised to see the soul of Ahmad Tarmimi’s acting which was so big that he made the 70-year-old actor to be chosen as the main pillar.

“When we started developing this story in 2017, while writing I already imagined the character of Gaek Tan (Datuk Tan) to be Pak Ahmad Tarmimi because as a young filmmaker, I saw that Pak Ahmad Tarmimi has a great acting talent that can be explored and I interested in that.

“So finally, I started studying the films and dramas acted by Pak Ahmad Tarmimi when I was young until now, from there I thought I should meet Pak Ahmad Tarmimi.

“I feel lucky to be able to work with Pak Ahmad Tarmimi who is 70 years old with Muzakki, a rising star in Indonesia,” said Arief .

According to Ahmad Tarmimi, when he was asked to play this heavy character, he seemed to have no reason to reject a work as good as First Journey considering that the acting process carried out in Bukittinggi, Indonesia provided a unique experience.

“This is my second film with the production team, the first film was in 2017. In terms of challenges, maybe the work culture and the atmosphere are a little different.

“But it was a very fun experience. The others, Alhamdulillah because the process made by Arif in this film is quite long but two months before the filming process, we did the training, Mazakki Ramdhan and I went through the chemistry process with each other, practiced riding the vespa, the process of reading the script, I was enough interested and amazed,” he said.

Ahmad Tarmimi with Arief met at the film’s premiere and press conference held at The Starling, Damansara on Thursday.

The First Journey tells the story of the life of a grandfather with his grandson, Yahya played by Muzakki Ramdhan who faced the twists and turns of life at a young age.

Watch this emotional family film in cinemas near you in Malaysia starting 18 August.

Besides Ahmad Tarmimi and Muzakki, this movie also stars handsome actors Randy Pangalila and Adinda Thomas.

source – Gempak .

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