Astro, MFL announce collaboration, official broadcaster of Malaysia League, Super League, FA Cup and Malaysia Cup

Astro, MFL announce collaboration, official broadcaster of Malaysia League, Super League, FA Cup and Malaysia Cup

Astro, RTM now official M’sian League broadcasters

Coverage starts on Feb 24 with Sumbangsih Cup match between JDT, Terengganu FC

The Malaysian Football League today announces that Astro and RTM will be their official broadcasters for the 2023 season

KUALA LUMPUR: Astro and the Malaysian Football League (MFL) today officially announced a three-year collaboration from 2023 to 2025 as the official broadcaster for all Malaysian League competitions including the Sumbangsih Match (Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Cup), Super League, FA Cup and Cup Malaysia.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Astro Group, Euan Smith, the collaboration will begin with the opening match of the Contribution Match on February 24.

“We are excited to be chosen as the official broadcaster of the Malaysian League, thus further strengthening our position as a ‘sports hub’ for the country’s sports fans.

“We always recognize the importance of sports in the development of the country and thus Astro and MFL are committed to improving the coverage of the local football league through live broadcasts, developments behind the scenes of player and coach training sessions and bring the latest news for a special treat for all Malaysian fans.

“Stay tuned for developments regarding our coverage of live match broadcasts, on-demand and other program content,” he explained in a media statement on Wednesday.

Euan added that the presence of the Malaysian League will boost local sports offers on Astro in addition to displaying international sports including the Premier League, UEFA Champions League & Europa League, La Liga, BWF, MotoGP, NBA, UFC, WWE, PGA Golf and ATP Tours.

Astro explained further, always striving to continue empowering local sports and national athletes through the Astro Arena HD channel which has been launched since 2010.

In addition to closely following the development of national champions on the international stage, Astro Arena HD also provides a platform for former athletes to build a career in the sports industry.

Meanwhile, Head of Astro Sports Division, Nicholas John said, through the collaboration, it gives a more meaningful connotation in the coverage of football in the country.

“We will give a more meaningful connotation in Malaysian football coverage by providing comprehensive coverage in HD and can also be streamed via Astro GO.

“In addition, Astro will bring a variety of performances and commentary and analysis in the studio from a line of experts who are experienced in the world of football,” he said.

Astro viewers can also enjoy exclusive content including match highlights, pre-match press conferences, player training sessions, access to player interviews as well as interesting activities to give fans a taste of the excitement of the Malaysian League.

At the same time, MFL President, Datuk Ab Ghani Hassan said Astro’s re-appearance with MFL is a sign that the Malaysian League is gaining traction, indirectly raising the profile of the league and the competing clubs.

“MFL took a big step when establishing a partnership with Astro, which is a well-known and respected broadcasting station in promoting sports, especially football in the country.

“On behalf of the MFL, I am very grateful to Astro for being willing to go with the MFL because we believe that with the competition of 14 elite teams in the Super League and the existence of the MFL Cup (Reserve League) for players under 23 years old through the restructuring of the Malaysian League, it will definitely inject elements new for local fans to witness,” he said.

For MFL Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Ramalingam, the decision of the national professional league governing body to choose Astro because it believes that the leading local television station is an ideal partner in developing the Malaysian League.

“The MFL took a big step last year by announcing the restructuring of the Malaysian League and we believe Astro is the ideal partner to broadcast more matches and the quality of viewing that fans have been wanting all along.

“Astro’s involvement this time will definitely increase the attraction and awareness of the development of the Malaysian League thus increasing the commercial value of each match to strengthen the national football ecosystem so that it can be enjoyed by many,” he said.

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