Astro introduces targeted advertising to SMEs

Astro introduces targeted advertising to SMEs

KUALA LUMPUR: Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd leads in innovative television advertising with its new targeted advertising services, the first in Southeast Asia tailored to various industries and business sizes, and for the first time, enabling local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to access television inventory.

Astro Group Chief Financial Officer Shafiq Abdul Jabbar said SMEs in Malaysia were large and Astro would assist entrepreneurs with a more targeted approach through the service.

“What we can do is bring those entrepreneurs to speak in certain segments.

“So we can take the SME product, put it in the SME audit segment we think is relevant. It can be national if they want or it can be targeted to specific states,” he told reporters at a targeted advertising event here yesterday.

Meanwhile, Astro Media Solutions Director Kenny Ong said the method of buying digital advertisements is now on television through targeted advertising.

“Before it was too complicated or for whatever reason to say, it was only for big companies. However, now we show them ‘you can do it too and your ads actually appear on national television across the country’.

“It opens up a whole new world for such content,” he said.

Innov8TV Ltd Founding Partner and former Sky Media Deputy Managing Director Jamie West said those new to advertising can take advantage of targeted advertising risk reduction exposure by simply testing in one region or one audience segment and then growing from there.

“What we’re seeing is a number of advertisers that will start with just a very tight target audience and then grow over time as a result of both building confidence and revenue through the return on investment they earn through advertising,” he said.

In a statement, Astro Group Chief Executive Officer Henry Tan said Astro was reshaping its advertising offerings to make it more attractive to marketers in the increasingly digital -dominated world of advertising.

He said with Astro’s flexible and effective Targeted Advertising service, advertisers have data -driven targeting and measurement capabilities to improve ad performance through improved audience data, giving brands the opportunity to access audience descriptors based on first -party data.

Astro’s Targeted Advertising Services have been implemented on Video On Demand on Astro GO as well as Ultra and Ulti Boxes since November 2021 with a phased linear targeted launch this June to reach Astro’s high -value household audience.

source – BERNAMA

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