Astro AWANI approached those affected by the impact of inflation at PPR Muhibbah

Astro AWANI approached those affected by the impact of inflation at PPR Muhibbah

KUALA LUMPUR: Understanding that a number of Malaysians are facing difficulties in life due to the pressure of inflation, Astro AWANI takes a step forward by basing the ups and downs they are going through.

Live broadcast of AWANI745 Bulletin and talk program, AWANI Agenda from PPR Kampung Muhibbah in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur last night, their visit will bring a clear understanding of the impact of inflation on the affected groups.

At first glance, most of us only see the beauty of life in Kuala Lumpur – a cosmopolitan city that has everything.

However, the reality is that living in a city that is famous in the eyes of the world is not as expected.

The pain and suffering of the people of Kuala Lumpur are not all exposed.

Believe it or not, there are not a few city dwellers whose lives are really squeezed.

The brutality of the stone forest caused some of their lives to be like the proverbial kais morning, eat breakfast, kais evening, eat evening.

There are many factors that have completely changed the life landscape of Kuala Lumpur residents, especially the attack of the COVID-19 epidemic that has taken away what they have had so far.

Suspects are compounded when economic pressure and the increase in the price of goods also contribute to the pain of their lives and daily activities.

With the degree of pressure getting higher, perhaps, the number of those who are ‘enough to eat’ continues to increase.

Or maybe some are also motivated to find side income to lighten the burden of family expenses.

A comprehensive report in AWANI745 and the talk program ‘Agenda AWANI’ tonight will bring the audience’s attention to the focal point of the ‘Lifeline Report: Understanding the Impact of the Inflationary Storm’ which shows that 58.2 percent of households affected by price increases currently choose cash assistance.

The report was put into motion by the strategic collaboration of the Malaysian Input-Output Economics Association, Astro AWANI and the Future Labor Market Research Center (EU-ERA) after conducting a field study, analyzing the findings and summarizing them in the results of this study.

AWANI745 presented by Luqman Hariz, produced by Azizul Azwa Abdullah Shukor and Ahmad Syukri Shaari.
AWANI745 also featured an economist, Professor Mohd Yusof Saari and three residents from PPR Kg Muhibbah.

Meanwhile, the interview program, ‘Agenda AWANI’ which will be broadcast from the same location, conducted by Essan Yahya, Dzulfitri Yusop, Nazri Kahar and Luqman Hariz also discuss issues related to survival when the inflation rate increases.

AWANI’s agenda also discuss economic issues with Mohd Yusof as well as several residents from PPR Muhibbah including a single mother and trader and a disabled person (OKU).

source – Astro Awani

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