“Assalamualaikum Isa” – Stacy and Akim share the name of the new light

“Assalamualaikum Isa” – Stacy and Akim share the name of the new light

Celebrity COUPLE Stacy and Akim Ahmad chose the name Isa for their new baby whom they welcomed on August 6.

Sharing the matter on Instagram, Stacy expressed her gratitude to God and thanked the fans who prayed for her.

“Peace be upon you Jesus. Alhamdulillah thank you thank you God, thank you to everyone who prayed for the health of Isa and me and who gave speeches,” he wrote in the caption.

Through the same message, Stacy also revealed the attitude of her husband and children who were so excited to welcome Isa as a new member of the family.

“The light of Mami’s (Stacy) eyes has arrived and the most excited and worried is Beyshal (second child).

“But luckily my children are grown up, there are many who can help Mami, especially she has a father, thank you Daddy (Akim Ahmad).

“I want to ask you to help me take diapers and everyone is racing haha,” he added.

Meanwhile, the comment section of the Jahat singer was showered with congratulations and congratulations from some of his artist friends and fans.

Earlier, the news of Isa’s birth was shared by Akim through a photo posted on Instagram showing part of the baby’s face.

For info, Akim and Stacy legally became husband and wife in February 2016. As a result of the marriage, they were blessed with a daughter named Eshaal who is now five years old.

The couple also have a friendly adopted child called Beyya who is now nine years old.

source – Gempak


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