Ashdown Announces New Tube Tone With LB-30 2.N Bass Head

Ashdown Announces New Tube Tone With LB-30 2.N Bass Head

A familiar sight in the backline of some of the world’s biggest bands, Ashdown bass amps have a global reputation for delivering solid, bottom-end tone with just the right features required by the busy, working bass player.

Always innovating, Ashdown raises the bar again with the new LB-30 2.N, a 30-Watt, all-tube head that offers a choice of conventional speaker outputs, or on-board IR emulations of 6 iconic Ashdown cabinets for direct injection into the PA or recording console.

Housed in a stylish, retro all-metal sleeve and sporting Ashdown’s iconic illuminated VU meter, the amplifier uses 1 x ECC81, 1 X ECC82 and 2XECC83 preamp tubes, with 4X EL84 in the power section. Inputs for Active and Passive basses, plus Gain Trim, Volume and Output Level controls, enable players to set up for a wide range of tones from clean and punchy to warm and growling. Tone shaping comes courtesy of Treble, Hi Mid, Lo Mid and Bass rotary controls, and FX loop Send and Returns also feature on the front panel.

A bass amp that oozes vintage appeal comes bang up to date with the addition of Torpedo Technology from audio engineering supremos Two notes, providing on-board Impulse Response emulations of 6 classic Ashdown cabinets and microphone set ups: ABM-810H-EVO IV, ABM-410H-EVO IV, ABM-210H-EVO IV, ABM-115-EVO IV, RM-212-EVO II and the CL-310 DH.

On stage, the mic’d cabinet emulations can be sent direct to the PA, while the cabinet on stage acts as a monitor. And in the studio, the LB-30 2.N can be used without a cabinet, with the speaker emulation output connected directly to the recording console.

Cabinet emulations are selected by a rotary control on the front panel, and program changes and more sophisticated editing of mic placement, etc. are facilitated by MIDI and USB ports round the back.

“Tone always comes first at Ashdown” comments managing Director Dan Gooday, “but we’re also all about helping bass players with the tools they need in a range of different applications. On stage or in the studio, the new LB-30 2.N effectively delivers a real, vintage-style tube amp with a selection of cabinets and microphones, all in a package you can carry in one hand”.

For further information on the Ashdown LB-30 2.N all-tube bass amp with on-board cabinet emulations, visit

source – Music Instrument News

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