ASA 2022: Noorkhiriah won the Best TV Comedy Actor Award

ASA 2022: Noorkhiriah won the Best TV Comedy Actor Award

Popular ACTRESS Nurkhiriah, who was crowned as the winner of the Best TV Comedy Actor Award on the first night of Seri Angkasa 2022 (ASA 2022) on Saturday night, admitted that she did not expect to win.

For Nurkhiriah who won the category through the drama Madu broadcast on Okey TV, all the other finalists were great.

“I started from RTM. So of course I expect to win at ASA. Before this I have won an award at ABP and Anugerah Skrin.

“Only for films there is no sustenance yet. If the TV category for me is already complete. Alhamdulillah..

“I didn’t expect to win because the competition was fierce. The drama Madu was shot before the COVID-19 pandemic. I remember others won, but with God’s permission I won,” she said.

Noorkhiriah also asserted that she will continue to fight in the field of acting which has become ingrained in her.

“I will not refuse as long as I am needed. After all that (acting) is my job. I also want to help my husband, and not for me alone. So I just accepted (offer to act)

“In terms of character selection, I don’t care as long as it’s needed. Only if possible I hope alternately. Sometimes we miss heavy characters. Sometimes we long for funny characters,” she said.

IKHLAS in working is one of the secrets of Noorkhiriah’s longevity in the field of acting.

Some actors raise their prices or fees when they win an award. But for Noorkhiriah, he needs to think of others before putting a price.

“The price is the same. For me, if I emphasize too much (price) other people’s pity. There is a stomach to fill. Other people also want to eat, want to live.

“Just let it be enough (payment). Don’t pay what you shouldn’t,” he said.

Sharing the secret of her success as a respected actress, Noorkhiriah admits that sincerity in work is very important.

“I have no secrets. For me, I have to be sincere in my work. When we are sincere, we don’t want to think about winning awards. It will come by itself.

“If we work because of the award, we will be disappointed if we don’t get it. When we work because of trust, it (rewards) will come to us,” he added.

On the first night of the event, ASA 2022 was also enlivened with great performances from Adam, Nikki Palikat, Salma Asis, Idayu, Azlan & The Typewriter, Naqiu and many more.

List of winners of Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2022 (first night)

Best radio promo award – Promo Pentas (Best FM)
Best Radio Reviewer – Rosdi Omar (National FM)
Best Radio News Announcer – Tan Xin Rui (988)
Best Radio Newsletter – Main of the Time (Named Radio)
The Best Radio News Coverage – Live Stream of the Telemong River Post-Flood Survey (Bernama Radio)
Best Official YouTube Short Drama – Kampung Malar Deepavali (Astro Gempak)
Best Short Sketch Through Official YouTube – First Syawal (Asyik FM)
Community Service Order Via Best Official YouTube – YouTube Bulletin TV3
Best Radio Magazine – For You Malaysia (National FM)
Best Radio Documentary – New Norm Education Challenge (Nasional FM)
Best Radio Talk – Miracle Terangung (Salam FM)
Best Interactive Radio Show – Dondang Sayang Warisan (Melaka FM)
The Best Religious Radio Show – Ask Ustaz Suffan (Sandakan FM)
Best Radio Supporting Actor – SoFi Jikan (Nasional FM)
Best Radio Drama Supporting Actress – Kuna Muzani . Drama: Prihatin Tandanya Sayang (Selangor FM)
Best TV Set – Mohamad Izwan Munshid – Halaqah 2020 (TV3)
Best TV Tatarias – Azri Haji Seman – Hidden (TV Okey)
Best TV Charts – Muhammad Aqil Aiman ​​– Appeal 2020 (TV9)
Best TV Special Effects – Tuan Nazraififie Abdul Rahman – Halaqah 2021 (TV3)
Best TV Commentator – Rasdi Jumaat – Tokyo 2020 Olympics Daily Report (Okey TV)
Best TV News Coverage – Faris Izzat Shahrudin & Andy Reza Rohadian (RTM)
Best TV News Special Report – Kajang Bypas: Lebih Raya Or Pusara – Mohammad Hilmi Hj. Ab Malik (Astro Awani)
Best TV Promo – Our Love Song 3 – Ahmad Shahril Osman (TV3)
Best TV Montaj – Fatkhul Aarif Hilaluddin – Perdana News (RTM)
Best TV Design Edit – Izhar Masuri – Capa Rengat Gulai Rawo (TV1 RTM)
Best TV Children’s Show – Ustaz Kartun Dan Robojim (TV Al-Hijrah)
Best TV Local Animation – The Five Elves: A New World (Astro Xiao Tai Yang)
Candawara (Gameshow) Best TV – Memory Stage (Astro Color)
Best TV Reality Show – Hijrahan Laguku (TV Al Hijrah)
Best TV Talk – The Unsuccessful Wave (TV3)
Best Religious TV Show – Al Qariah (Al Hijrah TV)
Best TV Sports Show – Action -Episode 1 (TV1)
Best TV Child Actor – Phua Chandler- Howdy My Friends (Astro Xiao Tai Yang)
Best TV Comedy Actress – Nurkhiriah -Madu (TV Okey)
Best TV Supporting Actor – Hilal Azman – Amanat (TV3)
Best TV Supporting Actress – Nabila Huda – Jeti (TV3)
Best TV Series Drama – Dukun Diva (Astro Citra)
Special Jury Award – Halaqah (episode 7) : Are we a Muahasabah disaster?

source – wilayahku

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