As a result of not acting for a long time, Remy Ishak is afraid and nervous to meet people

As a result of not acting for a long time, Remy Ishak is afraid and nervous to meet people

GARA-GARA has not been filming for too long due to the COVID-19 pandemic, actor Remy Ishak revealed that he is nervous and afraid to face the public.

However, said Remy, the problem must be overcome so that his spirit does not disappear.

“It’s true that I have that problem (nervousness and fear) that when I want to meet people I feel like I’m not brave, but I try to control it as best as possible.

“When you say anxiety , I’m not sure, but it happened during the pandemic. Maybe it’s because I haven’t shot for a long time and haven’t seen people, when I go out shooting again it feels a bit different.

“However, I can’t continue with this situation, I have to fight too. If I lose I may lose.

“For 2023, I want to get my spirit back. The feeling of nervousness is still there, even if the interviewing reporter is still shaky ,” he told Gempak.

Remy said this when met at the gala screening of the movie Harum Malam at Starling Mall, on Monday.

Sharing about Remy’s role in the film, the 40-year-old actor described the Dain Said-directed film as a script that has a storyline quite different from most existing horror films.

“This film is very detailed , from beginning to end. It’s not just a ghost movie that wants to scare people.

“I really like all the scenes I play, but if I choose one, I like the scene on the table where Farah’s character is cut until she bleeds with a machete.

“I have never done that in any drama or movie before. That’s one of the more physically aggressive characters I’ve done.

“This is the first horror film for 2023, I hope it will be well received and accepted by all audiences throughout Malaysia,” he said.

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