Arturia x Noise Engineering release MicroFreak Firmware 3

Arturia x Noise Engineering release MicroFreak Firmware 3

Arturia has unleashed MicroFreak V3 firmware update, a collaboration with Noise Engineering.

MicroFreak’s mad talents continue to evolve with every free update. Introducing MicroFreak Firmware V3, designed in collaboration with Noise Engineering to push MicroFreak’s sound further into the experimental digital realm. 3 razor-sharp new oscillator modes and a number of enhancements bring gritty digital character, workflow flexibility, and even more creative value to this wild hybrid synth.

3 Noise Engineering oscillator modes

Bass, SawX, Harm; 3 new algorithms that also feature in Noise Engineering’s flexible Virt Iter module, offering additive harmonic color, wavefolding, phase modulation, and more. Digital never sounded so dirty.

Unison mode

Up to 4-voice unison is now available for all oscillator types, with unison spread of up to 12 semitones that can also be used as a modulation destination. Make your basses bigger and your melodies more massive than ever.

More factory presets and slots

The number of preset slots has increased from 256 to 384, giving you more legroom to make MicroFreak your own – this even includes 96 more factory presets for more musical madness straight out the box.

Saving and loading presets

Enhancements to preset functionality makes MicroFreak easier and more intuitive than ever, including loading the last saved preset upon restart, and always retaining Chord Mode’s most recent chord within your saved preset.



All MicroFreak users can login and download Firmware V3 now to unlock the latest features, free of charge. UPDATE

Discover the story behind the collaboration

MicroFreak’s new oscillator algorithms are the result of a different kind of journey in a different kind of year. Explore the story and challenges behind the unique collaboration between Arturia and LA-based digital Eurorack pioneers Noise Engineering. Click the video below.

Watch MicroFreak Firmware V3 in action

Experience MicroFreak’s wild new sonic capabilities first-hand with an immersive glitch-fuelled performance from renowned LA sound designer Tom Hall.


Founded in Grenoble, France, in 1999, Arturia specialises in the development of music software and hardware for musicians of all abilities.

They are a team of passionate people, dedicated to musicians and the exploration of sound. Their aim is to create tools that encourage musical discovery, nurture inspiration, and savor the creative process – from reimaged classics to trailblazing innovations.

Operating in 55 countries, they have offices in France, the USA, Mexico, and the UK.


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