Ariani launches Ariani Layar Raya 2023 collection: Meet Aryan and the new ambassador, Lisa Surihani

Ariani launches Ariani Layar Raya 2023 collection: Meet Aryan and the new ambassador, Lisa Surihani

ARIANI is back with the Ariani Layar Raya 2023 collection along with fresher hijab and fashion designs with a mix of interesting colors to style this Eid season.

Ariani’s collection show is presented in a unique way by featuring professional artists as backing singers when the fashion runway is presented.

Placing comfort and exclusivity as the main elements in the production of hijabs, Ariani inspires the latest hijab and fashion designs with a variety of choices and quite charming styles.

A total of more than 101 latest hijab designs are introduced with more unique, modern and elegant combinations of colors, materials and prints in each piece of hijab.

According to Datin Farah Haryani, Ariani also created new history by successfully opening the House of ARIANI (HOA) on 10 March 2023.

The magnificent building with an area of ​​37,100 square meters makes HOA the largest headscarf store & Muslim women’s clothing boutique in Malaysia, which has 4 levels and houses all the Ariani collections under one roof.

The ceremony in the evening started with the opening performance of a professional guitar excerpt from Man Kidal with singer Amir Masdi singing a true song, as a symbol of Ariani’s loyal fans who continue to support the brand as long as it is in the market.

Opening the fashion show that evening, more than 30 hijab collections that include plain hijabs and printed hijabs consisting of voile embroidery, plain embroidery, jacquard twill, popsicle collection, embroidered shawl, instant .

All these collections are designed by injecting a glamorous and colorful festive experience in comfortable and practical hijab sheets with touches of nature motifs, florals and abstract prints.

ARIANI launches Ariani Layar Raya 2023 and introduces Aryan for men.

The second segment of the evening continued with a fashion show from Ariani Luxe. Ariani Luxe is a range of premium hijab collections designed by skilled and experienced designers with a skilled artisan touch in designing patterns with exclusive lace and Swarovski details.

Ariani Luxe is interpreted as a premium hijab brand that can evoke the charm and personality of women in fashion.

Ariani is centered on the identity of this brand that always produces a collection of scarves and hijabs at the best and affordable prices in line with the quality of the hijabs produced, both for the physical boutique market as well as for the online market.

All of the ARIANI LAYAR RAYA 2023 hijab collection is targeted for all women of all ages.

This year, Ariani also made a difference when for the first time it launched a new sub-brand specifically for people, namely ARYAN.

Starting from children to adults, ARYAN is the right choice for those who want a different style to be stylish in the Eid season.

The ARYAN collection is also very close to the character of men out there who like simple and comfortable images.

The evening’s fashion show featured a selection of ARYAN clothing such as baju melayu sedondon & kurta featured for the first time to guests and will be sold exclusively at the House of Ariani.

The Layar Raya fashion show also features a line-up of top ambassadors for this year such as Datin Lisa Surihani who is also the new Ariani ambassador, host Uyaina Arshad and actress Bella Dally.

Ariani RTW presented 109 Lebaran collections accompanied by Erni Zakri and Syamel’s performance which included plain modern kurung, modern printed kurung, kaftan and robe.

Through this collection, all the designs raise the art of prints in pastel and vibrant nuances that further highlight the feminine image of ARIANI customers when they celebrate Aidilfitri.

In line with the concept of ready-to-wear, Ariani RTW wants every woman to experience a special celebration by introducing affordable prices and worth owning in addition to minimal and elegant designs.

Specially this year, each collection comes with a variety of sizes from XXS to 6XL.

Even this year, ARIANI RTW also introduced special designs to allow mothers to be as stylish as their children on Eid.

The highlight of the evening was a fashion show from The Premium Series by Ariani RTW specifically for customers who love luxury designs with an exclusive touch and sold in limited quantities.

The Ariani Layar Raya 2023 fashion show was graced with the happy couple Ernie Zakri and Syamel.

The fashion show for this segment was further enhanced by the vocal combination of Erni Zakri and Syamel.

The use of high-quality materials with various cut designs equipped with swarovski-encrusted accessories is one of the features of The Premium Series collection.

The ceremony which took place at The Grand Ballroom, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur was attended by more than 800 guests and was graced by the presence of the guest of honour, Datin Seri Fatimah Taha, wife of the Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living.

source – wilayahku

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