Apparently Bront Palarae once learned with the late Mamat Khalid, praising Amen’s talent

Apparently Bront Palarae once learned with the late Mamat Khalid, praising Amen’s talent

Great actor, Bront Palarae sees the son of the late Mamat Khalid, Amen has great potential in the field of directing.

According to Bront, he had known Amen since childhood and saw how the young man was just as passionate as his late father.

“I have known Amen since he was four? Five years? Yes, it is true that he is a very good person.

“However, I also feel there is a need for Amen to find his own ‘voice’ but in terms of potential, it is undeniable, it is in his flesh and blood,” he said in an interview with

Sharing a moment with the late, Bront revealed that he had undergone industrial training ( internship ) with Mamat Khalid.

“The deceased is a person I consider like a brother, friend and teacher. He was the one who gave me a great opportunity.

“We worked together for the first time in 1999, at that time I was still studying and undergoing practical training on the set of filming the deceased.

“It was then for the deceased’s first film, ‘Lang Buana’. So our relationship all started from there.

“The passing of the deceased is a huge loss, not only for me but also for the country.

“Please watch all the manuscripts of the deceased… I think they are only aware of the latest popular works that he has produced.

“I think after Man Laksa, Kampong Pisang Zombie where when you say ‘Kampong Pisang’, that is the most captivating and close to the hearts of Malaysians,” he said.

In the meantime, Bront also advised filmmakers to watch all films directed by Mamat Khalid because his work has its own special features.

“For actors and filmmakers, I suggest you look at the work of the late, as well as the audience.

“I feel the handiwork of this deceased is timeless, you can watch it no matter the year, maybe years from now and his work remains relevant.

Earlier, Amen Khalid had directed the telefilms “Sis Ngensot” and “Pochong” which aired on the BOO channel (404).

source – Gempak

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