Anzalna gave birth to her second child

Anzalna gave birth to her second child

AFTER Elfira Loy, actress Anzalna Nasir also gave birth to her second baby on Friday.

The good news was informed by her husband, Muhammad Hanif Zaki through the latest post on her Instagram account yesterday.

According to Hanif, yesterday was supposed to be the last day for Anzalna to make an inspection but God gave another beauty instead.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks for Friday. Our second child was safely born today.

“Today should be the last time Anzalna makes an inspection. God works in a mysterious way , “he wrote.

The delivery was also accompanied by a photo of Hanif with Anzalna and their second child.

Anzalna and Hanif got married in 2016 and the couple was blessed with a son, two -year -old Mohamad Eidrees.

source – Gempak

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