Anna Jobling ambassador of Jamu Mutyara, perfect!

Anna Jobling ambassador of Jamu Mutyara, perfect!

“ANNA Jobling is a symbol of women who do many daily activities.”

That’s what the founder of the Mutyara herbal medicine product, who is also a singer and actor, Tya Arifin said when he chose actress Anna Jobling as the product’s ambassador which was announced yesterday.

Tya, 28, or her real name is Nurtria Wulandari, said that the selection of actors for the Melur Untuk Firdaus drama was right in addition to representing working women.

“Now I see Anna as I was when I was in Indonesia. She works from morning until the next morning and needs a lot of energy.

“That’s why I chose her and Anna will represent a woman who works at the same time she needs energy. Because if Anna or other people out there don’t have the energy, they won’t be able to convey well whatever work is done.

“Anna is the right woman and figure to be Mutyara’s new ambassador because she reflects a woman who has many activities and needs an ‘energy booster’ or daily extra energy which is Mutyara’s herbal medicine,” she said.

At the same time, Tya who is also the wife of the famous entrepreneur Asyraf Khalid described Anna as someone who is easy to work with.

“Anna is also a woman who will spread the benefits of this herb and prove that it is not bitter. For women out there who may be afraid to drink jamu, Anna has proven that it is not bitter. So people will believe more that this herb is not bitter as people claimed before.

“Anna is also a woman who works hard and is easy to work with. That’s one of the reasons I chose Anna.

“It is also hoped that with the appointment of Anna that we have not had an ambassador for a long time, we hope to be able to further expand the effect of taking this herbal medicine. We want to help women who are weak, tired and lethargic so that they can get extra energy,” she said.

Meanwhile, Anna, 22, or her real name is Anna Ellisa Gustin Jobling Abdul Rahman, is proud to be part of the new Jamu Mutyara family.

“For five years, Mutyara herbal medicine has helped women gain more energy every day and also helps internally.

“With this new formulation of jamu, it will definitely give us more nutrients. It is sugar free, healthier and more energetic,” she said.

source – wilayahku

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