Angelababy divorced after 7 years, the RM128 million wedding is a memory

Angelababy divorced after 7 years, the RM128 million wedding is a memory

A COUPLE of Chinese celebrities, Huang Xiaoming, 44, and Angelababy, 32, confirmed they have finally divorced after 7 years of marriage.

However, they parted ways amicably and will be raising their five-year-old son together.

“Thankfully for the past history, we are still family in the future,” the couple said via a Weibo account update on Friday.

The same was also confirmed by the couple’s agency and no further comments could be shared about their separation.

Looking back, Huang and Angelababy or real name Angela Yeung started dating about 11 years ago before announcing their relationship in 2014.

They got married in 2015 and Angelababy gave birth to their first child, Little Sponge in January 2017.

Their marital story came to the fore when rumors surfaced about their tensions in July 2019, but Huang denied the allegations.

It erupted after the divorce of high-profile South Korean couple, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo as well as actor couple Fan Bingbing and Li Chen.

Strengthening the allegations when Huang and Angelababy performed separately at China Central Television’s Mid Autumn Gala Festival.

In January 2021, Huang appeared on stage with his ex -girlfriend, Chinese actor Li Feier.

Angelababy and Huang’s wedding became the world’s attention as it was the most luxurious event that cost around US $ 31 million (RM128 million).

At the event, the couple invited 2,000 guests to witness their reunion.

In addition, their event was surprised with a 2.5 -meter high wedding cake that took a month to produce.

Angelababy, nicknamed Kim Kardashian China, wore a Dior -designed ball gown that uses 35 meters of satin fabric and 51 meters of tulle.

The dress took five months to complete.

At the same ceremony, Angelababy was presented with a six -carat Chaumet diamond ring worth US $ 1.5 million (RM6.2 million).

Angelababy is a Chinese actress and singer who has starred in various movies and television series.


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