Amyra Rosli lost RM240,000, deceived by an interior decoration company

Amyra Rosli lost RM240,000, deceived by an interior decoration company

ACTRESS Amyra Rosli claims to have been cheated by a contractor entrusted to renovate her parents’ residence.

According to Amyra, despite having already made a payment of more than RM240,000 and making a mistake with the irresponsible attitude of the individual involved, she still calmed down with the fate that befell her family.

“I use the services of an interior designer from a *** company that supposedly can simplify and beautify my mother and father’s house.

“After making a payment of RM240,000 ++ and almost a year of waiting and being patient with all the excuses from them, this is the result I got…

“The building of mom and dad’s house is getting more and more damaged. I have also heard a lot of people who are affected by people.

“Take on many projects and then abandon them… Astaghafirullahazim, how dare you persecute people close to this world,” she explained. Amyra also considers what happened as a test and has its own wisdom.

“It’s okay, we leave everything to God, that’s the best I think.

“And now I have to start back from the beginning of the deck because of their deceptions. Sad but Alhamdulillah, maybe this test has wisdom behind it.

“Mom and dad, sister will work as soon as possible to get mom and dad’s house ready again… We are both strong and patient okay.

“God willing, God will make things easier for us #AmyraKenaScam,” she shared.

Meanwhile, in the comment section, most of her followers suggested that Amyra reveal the name of the individual so that no one else becomes a victim other than filing a police report.

Among the comments received:

“There’s no need to hide the name of the company so that everyone knows and won’t be a victim again. It’s true that he can scam people like that,”

“Sister make a report, then ask the PDRM to block people’s bank and SSM accounts, this is a scam case,”

“If you end up losing hundreds of thousands like this, it’s better to put the name of the company and file a police report. If you have a picture of the time you met before continuing to take it, show it.”

Earlier, apart from Amyra, one of the other celebrities who was cheated or became a victim of a scam involving home renovation was Mark Adam.

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