Altimet victory, Hans down in Ampang PKR re-election

Altimet victory, Hans down in Ampang PKR re-election

Rapper says first goal as division chief is to strengthen branch members’ relationships ahead of GE15

KUALA LUMPUR – Rapper-turned-producer Syed Ahmad Syed Abdul Rahman, popularly known as Altimet, has won the Ampang PKR division chief post by nine votes – following a recount – against close competitor and fellow celebrity Datuk Hans Isaac.

In a statement, Altimet thanked his team for the support and help provided throughout the election period and said his first goal as division chief is to strengthen relationships between branch members in preparation for the 15th general election.

“This is a huge responsibility for anyone to bear, much less someone who is seen as being a newcomer to the field,” he said.

“But I will not be handling this task alone as it is a collaborative effort between all party members who embody PKR’s reformist spirit. Based on the official results of the party polls, the Ampang division leadership is filled with talented and energetic individuals.”

Party election committee chairman Dr Zaliha Mustafa told The Vibes that the result would be finalised tonight.

The Vibes is trying to contact Hans for his response following the sudden turnover of results.

Altimet had previously requested a recount of the votes after managing to obtain 746 votes, losing the re-election by a mere two votes to Hans.

According to Altimet, the recount had been made after a discussion with Hans, who concurred that the margin was too slim to leave it at that.

The re-election for the Ampang division was held on June 29 after the party found that Daing Muhammad Reduan Bachok, who was originally elected as division chief, had engaged in vote-buying during campaigning.

Accusations of vote-buying in the division later surfaced yet again, with PKR member Muhammad Syafiq Zulkifli alleging ethical misconduct involving Hans, who has since denied the accusations.

PKR’s election audit has also recently confirmed tampering attempts with its polls while announcing the official results of the party elections.

source – The Vibes

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