Almost selling his beloved piano, Hazami revealed that he never had money to eat

Almost selling his beloved piano, Hazami revealed that he never had money to eat

SINGER Hazami revealed that he faced a difficult time in his life when he lost his source of income when the country was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago.

Hazami or his full name is Norkamal Hazami Ahmad, 47, said that he had to tie his stomach after his savings were used up to pay all commitments and continue living.

“Actually many people don’t know, I haven’t had a ‘job’ for two and a half years. I’m one of the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Imagine that I have no money to eat, in fact, my house has not been paid rent for four months. So much so that there is only RM200 left in the bank.

“But I don’t want to spread the word because for me there are many others who are having a hard time. I just kept it quiet and now, I’m just sharing it,” he told Gempak.

The singer who is popular with the song Katakanlah shared the matter after the Terpaling Juara media session last Thursday.

Saddest of all, Hazami said he was about to sell his beloved piano.

“Up to a point, I almost sold my beloved piano. I cried because the piano has many memories throughout my time in this field.

“If sold, you can also get money between RM2,800 and RM3,000. But luckily I didn’t sell it because I wasn’t willing,” he revealed.

However, he is thankful that his life has now returned to stability after receiving offers to perform earlier this year.

“Now Alhamdulillah, I have started getting offers to perform since the beginning of the year around last February,” he said.

source – Gempak .

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