‘Almost five years to get Datuk M. Nasir’s song’ – Siti Nordiana

‘Almost five years to get Datuk M. Nasir’s song’ – Siti Nordiana

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer and actress, Siti Nordiana admitted that she had to wait almost five years to get a song from Datuk M Nasir titled Menyantun Kasih .

She said that the process of persuading Datuk M. Nasir was quite difficult because he is a meticulous and selective person.

“After Datuk M. Nasir agreed to compose a song for me, I was very honored and moved. This is because Datuk M. Nasir is very picky about singers to get his services.

“For the song Menyantun Kasih , I had to attend the recording process four times in different days. Each recording took five hours to complete.

“This is one of my valuable experiences working with famous composers,” said.

In the meantime, Siti Nordiana said, she needs to go through a vocal training process to be ready to record a song.

“In the beginning, Datuk M. Nasir asked me if I could sing his song.

“I quickly answered, I said yes and promised to give my full commitment.

“Thankfully … Alhamdulilah, I managed to record this song with his guidance,” he added.

The song Menyantun Kasih can be watched through the YouTube platform from today (October 14).

source – Shahdeen Tahir


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