Alleging that the family was slandered, Hafidz Roshdi gave 48 hours for his wife to apologize

Alleging that the family was slandered, Hafidz Roshdi gave 48 hours for his wife to apologize

ACTOR Hafidz Roshdi today demanded a public apology from his wife Nurul Shuhada Mat Shukri who allegedly uploaded defamatory messages on March 5 on Instagram.

In an open letter that was uploaded to social media, Hafidz said that all this time he had taken a silent approach because he did not want to complicate the situation and wanted to resolve their domestic issues amicably.

“The publication of your Instagram status dated March 5th implicated and humiliated my entire family.

“Among the details, your Instagram status mentions that my sister is conspiring and my whole family is toxic. It’s clear and obvious, a slander.

“For the sake of maintaining the well-being and safety of myself and the entire family, I humbly request and give 48 hours from now to Shu and any party to withdraw any public publication and photo of my family related to my domestic issue or case.

“I also want a public apology from you,” he wrote.

The father of two insisted that as the head of the family, he tried to protect his wife’s shame and dignity all this time.

“Shu, I take care of all your shame, weaknesses and shortcomings as a wife all this time. We are not perfect. I face all the insults and curses for my own weaknesses and mistakes.

“As weak people, both of us are bound to make mistakes. It’s a bit unfortunate, it got out of control,” said Hafidz who still believes there is still room for them to make amends.

On March 2, Nurul Shuhada filed a report at the Jinjang Police Station, here, claiming to have been punched by Hafidz several times until she suffered an eye injury.

Yesterday, Selangor Police Chief, Hussein Omar Khan confirmed that the 29-year-old actor will be charged under Section 323 of the Penal Code at the Kuala Kubu Bharu Court on March 13, in connection with the offense of punching his wife at the Rest and Treatment (R&R) area in Sungai Buloh.

Hafidz’s marital crisis began to be talked about when Nurul Shuhada revealed that her husband had a relationship with a woman named Athira Yuhada.

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