‘Allah loves her more…’ Que Haidar’s mother dies

‘Allah loves her more…’ Que Haidar’s mother dies

The mother of actress Que Haidar, Rahmah Hussein breathed her last at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Bahru at about 1.20 this morning.

It is understood, the passing of the late due to positive COVID-19.

Apart from that, the late mother of Que Haidar who is 68 years old also has chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure.

According to Que or real name Tengku Iskhan Shah Tengku Haidar, he found out about the condition of his mother’s deceased around yesterday morning.

“My sister called me to inform me of the condition of my mother’s deceased at that time.

“My mother died and complained of chest pain. Even the deceased mother also suffered a heart attack four times.
“The first time, the attack took place at my sister’s house in Pasir Gudang and the third time she had a heart attack at the hospital,” he said.

He explained that as soon as he found out about his mother’s condition, he went back to the village alone without his wife and children.

“Even my own brother managed to inform me that his heart is stable again. But Allah loved her more.

“We had a chance to spend time together, take her out for a walk and enjoy her favorite Asam Pedas.

“I think I want to go back this month to steal time with him. Coincidentally, I have a job to direct the debut telefilm, Bahalol , in Mersing, so alang-alang wants to ‘ spend ‘ more time with her.

“But this time, I did not have time to pursue that desire,” he said.

Add Que, wife and son on their way to meet him and pay their last respects to the late mother.

The remains will be buried at the Islamic Cemetery, Felda Taib Andak today.

source – Gempak


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