Aliff Aziz lost a loved one

Aliff Aziz lost a loved one

“PRAY that the deceased Nenda be placed with the faithful servants of God” Aliff Aziz lost a loved one.

Condolences are extended to popular celebrity Aliff Aziz and the family who have lost their beloved grandmother.

The sad news was informed by Aliff through his official Instagram account.

Aliff’s grandmother, Rahmah Ismail, 82, was pronounced dead in Singapore on February 23 and left enough of an impression for the eighth season’s Gegarvaganza champion .

“Pray that the soul of Nenda be placed with the faithful servants of God”

In fact, Aliff also stated that his late grandmother was a caring person and did a lot to bring the congregation to perform umrah and hajj when she was young.

“Assalamualaikum to all.

“My mother Hjh Rahmah Binti Ismail has returned to Rahmatullah.

“As the first grandchild, I wish everyone to donate Al-Fatihah to him and also pray that my deceased soul be placed with the faithful servants of Allah.

“A person who is very loving and also served a lot to bring pilgrims for Umrah and Hajj when he was young.
May Baba Rest in Peace

“Alhamdulillah. Goodbye, Baba. Aliff prayed that God would give protection over all fears and grant all Baba’s hopes.

“I hope Baba is calm there. Ameen Ya Rabbal’alameen, ”said Aliff.

Currently, Aliff and his wife Bella Astillah are still under quarantine after returning home a few days ago from performing umrah since February 9.

Through the comment section, Aliff’s followers on Instagram also expressed their condolences.

-Women’s Weekly

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