Alif Satar had fun, crying duet with Raihan

Alif Satar had fun, crying duet with Raihan

SINGER and actor, Alif Satar is excited to return to work with Raihan’s group for the third time.

Unable to hide his happiness, Alif admitted to shedding tears during the recording session.

According to Alif, Raihan’s lyrics and songs are really touching so much that it makes him cry.

“Raihan’s songs are full of awareness and touching. So when we record almost all the songs of zikir, selawat, over and over again it is tearful.

“Automatically the feeling came from the heart, when we wanted to re -record the song, I had to ask everyone to stop for a while because it was too tearful. That is one of the moments that I remember until now, “he said when met by Gempak .

Recalling the recording process, Alif said, everything went smoothly and was very meaningful for him.

Especially this time during the recording process, Raihan was really by his side.

“During the song Sesungguhnya in 2019 before this, it was my time to record, then alone but for the process of recording these five songs, Raihan’s brothers all sat next to me.

“Sing together, record like a live acoustic performance. This was my first experience in 16 years of being involved with a recording like this.

“So when I sang it was like recalling the moment I was seven years old. Mom and dad took me to school to play Raihan songs.

“25 years later, this is where I sit next to my idols and icons. That moment really touched my feelings.

“Not only for me but the members of The Locos also feel the same way. These songs have formed in the souls of Malaysians, I’m sure they will know this song.

“These five songs are among the songs that I think are a long song by Raihan’s group,” he explained.

Alif added that even though he has worked with Raihan three times, his nervousness is still there.

“I want to make it a story that I listened to Raihan’s song since I was seven years old, so I think I’ve been ‘practicing’ for 25 years for this moment, these five songs.

“The recording session only took two hours, this shows how well you know the song, for example if I sing the wrong lyrics I’m sure you all will know.

“All processes are completed within two days. Interestingly, each song recorded only once is like singing live.

“Honestly, I still feel nervous even though we have worked together three times. This achievement is very valuable to me.

“They are of international standard but their attitude remains the same, not arrogant, cheap with a smile and love to share knowledge. Very happy to work with them, “he said.

Alif with his group, The Locos returned by re -recording five songs with Raihan.

Their third collaboration is made into a special EP collection called The Sunnah The Better which is published exclusively by Warner Music Malaysia.

The songs recorded are Bismillah, 25 Rasul, Puji-Pujian x Syukur (medley), Assolatuwassalam and Rayuan Rindu.

Previously, Alif & The Locos have collaborated with Raihan through the song Sesungguhnya in 2019 and Damba Cinta Mu in 2020.

All three are done during the celebration of the special month of Ramadan.

All the music videos of this EP can be watched in stages on YouTube Alif Satar in stages.

source – Gempak

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