Ali XPDC is sad that he cannot perform umrah

Ali XPDC is sad that he cannot perform umrah

XPDC group vocalist, Ali made a mistake when he was unable to perform the umrah in the holy land of Mecca scheduled for the last 10 nights of Ramadan this year.

Due to his health condition which has not fully recovered, Ali or his real name is Mohd Ali Ismail, 54, refused to bother others.

“Every time I hear the recitation of Tarawih prayers at a nearby surau, I feel sad. I can’t double my reward in the month of fasting because of my limitations. My wife always persuades my friend to change or break my fast later.

“I was supposed to perform umrah on the last 10 nights of Ramadan this year. The umrah travel agency was willing to take me there even though I needed a wheelchair. But my wife also said she didn’t want to bother them. I don’t think there is any sustenance.

“I have done umrah seven times. Twice of that number I have been there with my wife in 2018 and 2021,” he told a media representative recently.

Talking about this year’s Eid celebration, Ali also gave up when he can no longer taste his favorite dish every time Syawal arrives.

“I want to, but I really can’t eat beriya-iya. I have to avoid hard food especially. Add nak raya, I also want to eat ketupat and lontong. What’s the point. Look at the cake, there’s no feeling.

“Even this year, due to my health condition, I cannot fast. I also have to drink milk six times a day to supply energy in addition to hospital medication,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ali’s wife, Sharifah Azuwanna said the test Ali went through was the best space to support him from behind.

“Before, for five times through the pregnancy phase, he (husband) who struggled to take care of me. I used to feel nauseous and wanted to vomit, he was willing to take my hand.

“Now, when he is tested, I take care of him. I’m actually kind of amused by disgusting things. But when taking care of my husband, including helping to the toilet, I seem to have lost that amused attitude.

“I just know that he is sad not to be able to fast. In the past, when he was healthy, fasting would not last. He was even ready for other circumcision fasts, including fasting six,” he said.

Ali was previously admitted to hospital in March when he suddenly fell ill. After a week of treatment, Ali’s health deteriorated and he had to fall asleep due to difficulty breathing.

source – Gempak

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