Alena Murang’s work, ‘Warrior Spirit’ won the World Music Video Award in Buenos Aires

KUALA LUMPUR: Leading sape singer and musician, Alena Murang once again made history when she won the World’s Best Video Music Award at the Buenos Aires Video Music Festival (BAMV Fest) on Friday.
The award was won through a work of contemporary folk music entitled ‘Warrior Spirit’.
This places Alena among some of the leading names in the international music industry such as Lil Nas X, Celeste, Don Omar, AleXa, Doja Cat, and Megan Thee Stallion who also received awards at BAMV Fest.
“I’m very proud of every member of the group, especially considering the challenges they faced during the pandemic, but they stayed together producing this music video.
“This includes the production crew, dancers, stylists, band members. Wonderful things happen when we are together,” he said in a statement on Friday.

The four-minute 20-minute work was directed by Sarah Lois Dorai with the local production team, Kanid Studio and Project Room.
He said, Project Room always provides space including small ideas to grow and that is proven through the work of ‘Warrior Spirit’.
“The contribution from each team member in terms of voice, skills and creative talent in the production of this music video changed its original plan as a dance video to become a platform to highlight identity as well as culture.
This includes introducing our culture to the international stage through narrative storytelling, “shared Sarah in the same statement.
Apart from Alena, Warrior Spirit also features group members Joshua Maran, Jonathan Wong Ketshin, Herman Ramanado and Jimmy Chong.
‘Warrior Spirit’ is a visual -based storytelling work without lyrics.
This contemporary work was created to show the spirit of heroism that has been possessed since time immemorial along with Alena’s background as a Kelabit-born girl.
Earlier, Warrior Spirit also previously received 14 awards internationally. Among them, best music video at the New York International Film Awards, Special Jury Award at the Los Angeles Film Awards and best Asian and Pacific music video at the United Kingdom (UK) International Music Video Awards.

-Nickyson Nyambar

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