Akamai Launches First NFT Artwork Dynamically Fueled by the Internet

Akamai Launches First NFT Artwork Dynamically Fueled by the Internet

Multidisciplinary artist R. Luke DuBois shapes trillions of bytes of Akamai data into “Portrait of Life Online” available for auction on May 11, 2022

Portrait of Life Online represents humanity’s collective online activity in real time — both the breadth of our digital experiences and the volatility of cyberthreats.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the cloud company that powers and protects life online, today unveiled the first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artwork dynamically designed by the internet. Based on data drawn from the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, which provides the most complete reflection of global internet activity available, the NFT will visually evolve in real time as internet traffic changes and cyberattacks launch. The auction for the NFT starts today via the Artano marketplace, with final bids due by June 24, 2022 at 12 midnight PST.

Portrait of Life Online represents humanity’s collective online activity in real time — both the breadth of our digital experiences and the volatility of cyberthreats.

As the world’s largest edge platform with 4,000 points of presence in nearly 900 cities, Akamai is uniquely positioned to project the entire internet in a one-of-a-kind digital artwork.

“Akamai is passionate about powering and protecting the infinite possibilities of life online. What better way to convey our central role than through a dynamic portrait of the internet that mirrors our unique view of Internet activity as fueled by billions of people living their life online,” said Kim Salem-Jackson, chief marketing officer, Akamai. “With this NFT, we hope to show a new audience how beautifully complex the internet is and how Akamai is helping create a safer and more connected world.”

Renowned multidisciplinary artist R. Luke DuBois, who is skilled in translating the intersection of art, culture and technology, was selected by Akamai to interpret its vast dataset. DuBois approached the NFT as artwork that can be both seen and heard. By drawing from the Akamai data feed, and incorporating both healthy network activity, such as traffic generated by people checking newsfeeds and streaming videos, and adversarial network activity, such as denial of service attacks on servers, phishing emails and website corruption, the artwork reflects humanity’s multifaceted online footprint.

“Interpreting what the internet means to the world — the good and the bad, its enormous scale and its endless potential — was a challenge that immediately inspired me,” said DuBois. “Working with such a uniquely rich dataset and layering in advanced AI technology, I shaped the artwork to capture the fluid nature of the internet and the humanity behind it.”

The NFT is available exclusively on artist-friendly marketplace Artano, which is run on the Cardano blockchain. Akamai selected Cardano, an environmentally sustainable blockchain, which uses a proof-of-stake system, in which the capital cost comes from stakeholders holding tokens in the system, not from hardware and electricity. The artwork will reflect internet data from Akamai’s global platform for one year, after which it will continue to morph based on an AI prediction of what internet activity will look like over time.

In line with the company’s purpose to make life better for billions of people, billions of times a day, all proceeds from the sale of this NFT will be donated to the Akamai Foundation. The foundation will dedicate the funds to initiatives that support the next generation of life online by providing equal access to quality STEM education and attracting diverse talent to the technology industry.

Find the auction on the Artano marketplace.

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About R. Luke DuBois

R. Luke DuBois is a composer, artist, and performer who explores the temporal, verbal, and visual structures of cultural and personal ephemera. He holds a doctorate in music composition from Columbia University, and has lectured and taught worldwide on interactive sound and video performance. He has collaborated on interactive performance, installation, and music production work with many artists and organizations. Exhibitions of his work include: the Insitut Valencià d’Art Modern, Spain; Haus der elektronischen Künste, Switzerland; 2008 Democratic National Convention, Denver; Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis; San Jose Museum of Art; National Constitution Center, Philadelphia; Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art; Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul; 2007 Sundance Film Festival; the Sydney Film Festival; the Smithsonian American Art Museum; PROSPECT.2 New Orleans; and the Aspen Institute.

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