Ajoi Zainal, Aisyah Retno and ‘Jerung Merah’ are among the Big Stage participants for the 4th season

Ajoi Zainal, Aisyah Retno and ‘Jerung Merah’ are among the Big Stage participants for the 4th season

KUALA LUMPUR: After almost a year of not airing, the reality show, Big Stage which is popular with the slogan BBNU Domination is back for its fourth season.

However, a bit of pressure will be given to the contestants for this season when each scoring will be shown live by the permanent and invited jurors.

According to Astro Ria Channel Manager, Norzeha Mohd Salleh, it is a variation introduced to show the transparency of scoring for each participant.

“We will introduce live scoring, where every time participants open their mouths the audience will be able to see how the jury scores, if there is a mistake the audience will see how the jury rejects the participants’ scores, ”he said during the Big Stage 2022 press conference, held in the capital country on Wednesday.

This season will feature several new artists including Aisyah Retno, Danial Chuer, Lia Aziz, Ajoi Zainal and Sofiaa Marieylla or better known as the Jerung Merah Squad.

The Big Stage this time also featured two participants from abroad, namely Brunei, represented by Syafiq Abdilah and Indonesia, Tegar, who was once popular with the song ‘Aku yang dulu bukan yang sekarang’.

At the same time, after a year off from the Big Stage reality show , the country’s famous singer, Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza also returned to carry the mandate as a permanent jury in addition to Ajai for this season.

The program, hosted by Alif Satar and Sherry Al-Hadad, will be broadcast live for eight weeks from the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) every Sunday, at 9pm from February 6, 2022.

In 2018, Sarah Suhairi was crowned the inaugural champion of the program followed by Han Byul (Big Stage 2019) and Azzam Sham (Big Stage 2020).

-Ashraf Roslan

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