AirAsia Ride drivers get full-time employment benefits as app aims to compete regionally

AirAsia Ride drivers get full-time employment benefits as app aims to compete regionally

AirAsia Ride set its eyes on becoming a leading e-hailing platform in the region via the company’s Super App

AT a press conference yesterday (September 13), Capital A CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes announced that he is introducing full-time positions for his AirAsia Ride drivers, along with providing an array of benefits and incentives. The conference was attended by the representatives of Perkeso and EPF, both showing their support for the upcoming full-time workers.

But what’s in it for us, the consumers?

AirAsia Ride is an e-hailing platform within Air Asia’s Super App, an application consisting of numerous features. Users have a lot to explore in the app, from shopping for items, booking flights and hotels, and even setting up the whole itinerary of their next holiday.

Despite being green in the e-hailing industry, Fernandes is confident that AirAsia Ride can be successful by showcasing the value customers and drivers can benefit from. At first glance, the platform offers benefits for every party.

Now, let’s see how good the ‘value’ and ‘benefits’ actually are.

The price is right, right?

Entering the market with an already competitive pricing strategy, AirAsia Ride claims to set the ride fares well below its competitors. Combined with various discounts and promotions, bargains are to be found. Let’s just hope this generosity lasts as long as the app does.

AirAsia at your fingertips

As of now, AirAsia Ride operates in eleven locations across the country, including East Malaysia. Established in August of last year, the platform already has 53,000 registered drivers. Reaching 2 million rides to date means the platform has an average of 5,000 rides per day. It’s not as much as the big dogs in the industry, but it is still a substantial amount.

Folks in Thailand are already getting the feel of AirAsia Ride with its debut last May. For those residing or traveling in Indonesia and Singapore, you’ll have access to the platform soon as it is set to arrive in both countries by the end of the year. Fernandes has set plans to introduce AirAsia Ride in these countries by the end of this year.

It’s a given that consumers should be able to choose what type of ride they want. Some of us want the cheapest ride, while some want to be pampered. AirAsia Ride also includes a safer, ladies-only option.

Will the facts reflect the convenience and speed we could get our rides?

Giving 100% service quality

Harassment and inappropriate behaviour have been rampant issues affecting most, if not all, e-hailing platforms. This is a scenario we’d all like to avoid, whether we’re the drivers or sitting in the backseat.

At the press conference, Lim Chiew Shan, Regional CEO of AirAsia Ride, disclosed that all drivers are given training on customer service, on top of requiring at least three years of experience. For female drivers, a thorough safety procedure is also provided with guidelines to protect themselves.

AirAsia Ride prioritising value for both the drivers and the customers seems like a win for the little guys, us. Its rising status in Malaysia as one of the fastest-growing e-hailing platforms makes it a really promising app. Can it live up to its impressions and appeal? That’s a question for us to find out. Give this app a try and share your experiences with us!

source – The Vibes

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