Ahmad Ebadey – Michael Jackson from Sabah

Ahmad Ebadey – Michael Jackson from Sabah

KUALA LUMPUR: When the name of the late Michael Jackson is mentioned, many will admire him as an agile performer who danced while singing and until now his artwork and dance rhythms are still remembered even though he passed away in 2009.

Not to be outdone in Malaysia, the king of pop has his own fans with some who are not only able to sing the songs of the deceased but also able to dance nimbly according to Jackson’s movements complete with almost similar clothes.

Earlier this year, a young man, Ahmad Ebadey Ahmad Salleh, 24, from Semporna, Sabah, appeared who had a talent for dancing and singing like the legendary performer, so much so that the video of his performance won praise and spread through social media.

By wearing a hat, black jacket and gloves while performing a ‘moonwalk’ dance when performing an offering, Ahmad Ebadey’s appearance showed himself like the incarnation of Michael Jackson.

Ahmad Ebadey when met by Bernama recently said he had been learning and practicing Jackson’s singing and dance style since he was nine years old.

“Starting from a dad who often played Michael Jackson songs, indirectly it has sparked an interest in me to learn dance rhythms and practice on my own at home.

“Michael Jackson’s dance video clips also inspired me a lot, first I learned the movement, long after I was able to sing a new rhythm, so it took me a dozen years as well for me to empathize with both,” he said.

Telling further, the former factory operator in Shah Alam, Selangor said he did not come across the video of his performance at a restaurant in Bandar Sunway and got the reaction of thousands of virtual citizens because it was made just to have fun and entertain the public.

According to Ahmad Ebadey, he started performing live in public last November after receiving an offer from the busker group, ‘Project-X Band’ which regularly performs at the restaurant.

“I was originally a regular customer at a restaurant where Project-X Band always performed. After work, I would come (to the restaurant) and hang out with friends. Sometimes I would sing too.

“After they (Project-X Band) knew I had quit my job, they offered me to sing ‘busking’ full time together and this may be my livelihood because I haven’t had a chance,” he said, who has been traveling to the Klang Valley since 2019.

Ahmad Ebadey, who is still single, said that Jackson-like clothing was bought by himself so that his performance would look more perfect when singing the pop icon’s songs.

Among Jackson’s popular songs that Ahmad Ebadey often performed are Billie Jean, Beat It, Bad and Smooth Criminal.

Meanwhile, Faculty of Music Senior Lecturer of University of Technology (UiTM) Shah Alam, Rizal Ezuan Zulkifly Tony said Ahmad Ebadey managed to inculcate excellent music and dance values ​​because he could imitate Jackson’s style in a ‘comfortable’ environment.

“Some people can imitate dance but when doing movement (dance), the person is less comfortable singing, for Ahmad Ebadey I see he is comfortable doing it.

“This is because psychologically, Ahmad Ebadey’s brain has been trained since he was a child to focus on doing two things simultaneously. Coupled with the interest, talent and hard work he did,” he said, confident that Ahmad Ebadey’s talent could be developed if formally trained in music. .

source – BERNAMA


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