Agean Cymbals joins The UK Drum Show for April 2022

With the return of The UK Drum Show 2022 this April at the ACC Liverpool, organisers are pleased to welcome a further brand to grace the event, with Agean Cymbals joining the growing list of exhibitors for the first time from Turkey.

Agean Cymbals was founded in 2002, and is a manufacturer of cymbals and other percussion instruments of Western Classical, Folk, and Turkish traditions. Their factory is located in Edirne, whilst its main office is situated in Istanbul. They state a commitment to preserving hand-crafting techniques and a tradition of cymbal making that dates back to the Ottoman Empire as part of their manufacturing ethos.


“Here at Agean cymbals, we believe that the most discerning drummers demand higher quality cymbals. In a time where it is considered commercially acceptable and economical to forgo the ancient tradition of hand crafted cymbal making and move to a machine made variety, we choose to manufacture our cymbals in the time honoured fashion – 100% hand crafted. So join us in our quest to provide exceptional musicians with exceptional cymbals.”


“Agean Cymbals are just part of the success story of the return of The UK Drum Show this April at its new expanded footprint at the ACC in Liverpool,” states Neil Golding show organiser. ” “Each year more brands recognise our efforts to constantly push forward and expand our offering, and with their support all the businesses surrounding and supporting its growth reap the benefits of year on year growth in attendance.” “This will be the 4th UK Drum Show under Gold Media & Events and with just a little under two and half months to go, we will pass our previous attendance figures by some margin.”

-Music Instrument News

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