Age is not a barrier, Sheila wants to spread inspiration through painting

Age is not a barrier, Sheila wants to spread inspiration through painting

KUALA LUMPUR: The founder of Human Equation, Sheila Singam, is determined to inspire the public through her paintings that inspire her life experiences.

According to the 62 -year -old former journalist, the loss of her beloved husband KP Waran in October 2018 due to cancer had a profound effect on her life.

Apart from translating the story into her paintings, the mother of two also produced a series of works. All of that she did with the philosophy of wanting to spread the colors of life into the souls of the people, especially to cancer patients.

Sheila added that 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of her paintings will be donated to help two cancer patients, which will be determined later.

“I want to inspire people to try something new by overcoming their fears,” she said.

She said that during her school days, Sheila was once looked down upon by her art teacher because she was said to have no talent in the art of painting.

Who would have thought, after harboring that interest for so long, Sheila will return to the art world in 2019.

Now, Sheila’s work has managed to get a place in art exhibitions and she wants to spread joy through her artwork.

With her first exhibition entitled ‘ Forest of the Brain ‘, art enthusiasts can have Sheila’s gift at Temu House, Petaling Jaya.

“The purpose of holding this exhibition is to present my paintings, which tell the story of my life experience, to be an inspiration to the public that we can succeed in doing something if we do not give up,” she added.

Sheila’s unique artwork uses mixed media on canvas before being colored with acrylic paint.

For records, Sheila is a trainer for Neuro Linguistic Programming recognized by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and trainer for Trainer of Time Line Therapy recognized by the Time Line Therapy Association.

As a corporate coach, Sheila has provided her coaching services to many reputable companies such as Allianz, AmBank, as well as Amway.

source – Umar Sadique

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