AgAmerica and Whiskey Jam Team Up to Celebrate National Farmer’s Day by Sharing the Soundtrack of the American Farmer

AgAmerica and Whiskey Jam Team Up to Celebrate National Farmer’s Day by Sharing the Soundtrack of the American Farmer

LAKELAND, Fla., Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of National Farmer’s Day this year, AgAmerica Lending LLC (“AgAmerica”), one of the nation’s leading agricultural land lenders and the first agricultural commercial mortgage REIT, is partnering with the Nashville-born concert venue Whiskey Jam to amplify the voices of those who make up the backbone of our nation—American farmers and ranchers.

Advocating for Agriculture
Farming is essential to our nation’s food security, rural economy, and labor force. While the pandemic put the fragility of our food supply chain in the spotlight, it made way for a rise in agricultural advocacy. More than ever, Americans want to know the story behind the food that lines their grocery store shelves. Advocacy plays a considerable part in ensuring a healthy rural economy and supply chain—it also puts more knowledge and choices into the hands of the American people.

With fewer Americans entering the ag industry, it is becoming increasingly important to support its future by taking action to keep our farmer pipeline strong for generations to come.

The Soundtrack of the American Farmer
From Music City to the Magic City of the Plains, country music is part of the fabric of rural America. With its simplicity and honesty, it communicates the highs and lows of life in a way that can be both healing and empowering. It unites the ag community by telling real, authentic stories and is a way for farmers and ranchers to feel empowered and connected to a broader community.

With respect to this, AgAmerica and Whiskey Jam have launched the Soundtrack of the American Farmer to amplify the voices of rural America through the storytelling lens of country music by creating a curated soundtrack made by farmers for farmers.

Leading up to National Farmer’s Day, farmers and ranchers from across the nation are invited to share the song that serves as the soundtrack for their operations. These songs will be added to a collective Spotify playlist that listeners can enjoy while learning about the farmers and families behind the music.

As part of the celebration, each person who submits a song will be entered for a chance to win an all-inclusive ‘Music City Experience.’ The prize includes a VIP experience to a Whiskey Jam show and a three-day, two-night stay in Nashville, TN for two. Submissions will be accepted through October 11, and one lucky winner will be selected and announced on October 12.

AgAmerica and Whiskey Jam are spotlighting farmer stories throughout September and early October across Instagram and Facebook. To get involved, follow and use #AgAmericanProud to help celebrate the farmers who put food on our tables every day.

More About National Farmer’s Day
Each year, National Farmer’s Day is recognized on October 12 as a way to celebrate the essential work of our nation’s farmers. Over the past few years, American farmers have faced unpredictable challenges ranging from severe weather to rising input costs. It is because of these uncontrollable factors that farmers make less than they did the year before 44 percent of the time. National Farmer’s Day represents a small token of the nation’s appreciation for their efforts and a reminder to the community of the importance of protecting this way of life.

Through National Farmer’s Day and the AgAmbassador Program, AgAmerica is playing an active role in the solution by bridging the gap between brands and rural communities across the U.S. to build a network that is vital to the future of American agriculture.

SOURCE – AgAmerica Lending

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