After waiting four years, Che Ta celebrated in her new bungalow

After waiting four years, Che Ta celebrated in her new bungalow

EVERY time Syawal arrives, among the celebrities who are the focus is definitely Che Ta or her full name, Rozita Che Wan. Especially the Hari Raya fashion chapter.

Zain Saidin’s beloved wife’s dress often grabs the attention of many, no less inviting criticism.

However, in recent years, especially after the country was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the mother of three is more comfortable not to reveal the number of public clothes this year.

“I don’t want to say how many pairs of raya shirts this year. Don’t say wrong, say it again.

“If you want to calculate, you have to look at the photo entry on my Instagram (IG) account next Eid. Not Che Ta, if you don’t fill the content of the IG entry with photos of the photography session.

“Even the raya shirts before this, some have been brought forward. Understand that the pandemic situation two years ago limited movement. You can’t even go crazy, ”he said.

Usually, the winner of ‘Most Inspirational Celebrity, Women Of Excellence Awards’ will prepare preparations for the birth of the raya clothes for him and his family early.

“For the beginning, don’t worry. So the month of Ramadan can be focused on deeds of worship. In short, shirts, side cloths, Malay shirt buttons for children and husbands have also been provided. Festive selection with matching color clothes is also a must.

“Only after two years of celebrating with the new norm, I still limit various aspects. Enough partying with family and other siblings.

“InsyaAllah this year, all the siblings agreed to celebrate Eid in Alor Setar, Kedah. I returned to the village early from May 1 to 8 because my art and other commitments had been paid off early, ”he said.

Che Ta is also excited that his bungalow is ready a few days before Ramadan arrives.

“After four years including COVID-19, the renovation of the house was delayed to be completed. The wait was over and he was able to enter the house at last.

“It’s just because I have planned to return to Kedah early, so I want to celebrate at home after that. I even moved things from the old house to the new house little by little. After the festival, we will start ‘all out’ to move things, ”he said.

source – Keluarga

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