After more than 20 years, Borhan the Keluang Man will return

After more than 20 years, Borhan the Keluang Man will return

KUALA LUMPUR: “He is like a hero.

“Be a defender, for the disabled…”

Children who grew up around the 1990s must have been familiar with the song and even until they were adults, the song was actually still close to their hearts.

It was Krisya’s song, the official song of the once popular local animation, Keluang Man.

After more than two decades, the legendary Malaysian animation series that has become a phenomenon among the local community will be lifted to the silver screen.

Producer and leader of the country’s film industry, Astro Shaw has signed a copyright license to adapt the film with Keluang Man’s IP (Intellectual Property) holder, Iconic Animation Studio Sdn Bhd recently.

The collaboration was to produce Keluang Man’s first action film.

Nusantara Malay Business Vice President & Astro Shaw Head, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad said, the collaboration was the starting point for Astro Shaw and Iconic Animation Studio to reintroduce the legendary superhero animation to the new generation.

“We believe the Keluang Man brand is very big in the local animation industry and has its own fans who grew up with this animated series.

“Even though this brand has been broadcast for a long time, but when it is replayed after 10 years later, it still gets good response and that proves that this superhero animation is able to leave an impression in the hearts of the audience and is always relevant over time.

“We hope this good news can give excitement to fans and at the same time can prove that local animation can be raised to a higher level,” he said in a statement on Monday.

Keluang Man is a popular and popular animation series in the late 90s and early 2000s and is the country’s first superhero animation series.

The animation was inspired by the late Kamarudin Ismail or better known as Kamn Ismail with the founder and Owner of UAS Animation, Natashah Md Noor and was first broadcast in 1998.

Broadcast for seven seasons with over 140 episodes, Keluang Man features a unique storyline, showcasing superheroes inspired by keluang and also interspersed with comedy elements.

Borhan’s character who is also Keluang Man is a patient in a mental hospital in Tumpoi and turns into a superhero to fight crime at night with the help of his friend, Tiong Man.

source – Ridauddin Daud

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