After 12 years, Kim Jae Joong returned to Malaysia for a solo concert

After 12 years, Kim Jae Joong returned to Malaysia for a solo concert

Korean singer Kim Jae Joong has finally returned to Malaysia after 12 years to hold his first solo concert.

Jae Joong is the first Korean artist to hold a concert in Malaysia since the movement control order was implemented two years ago.

Jae Joong started making a name for himself in 2003 by making his debut with TVXQ.

However, in 2010, Jae Joong left TVXQ with two other members, Junsu and Yoo Chun.

They then formed a new group called JYJ under the auspices of C-JeS Entertainment.

Jae Joong is not only famous for his melodious voice but this legendary idol is also an actor.

Among the series starring include Protect The Boss, Dr. Jin, Triangle, SPY and Manhole.

Jae Joong is also active and has a solid career in Japan. He has regularly held a series of tours, produced albums and participated in various reality shows since the end of his military service in 2016.

Last March, he released the song Sixth Magnitude Star with JYJ member Kim Jun-su for the Japanese drama Waru Who Said That Working Isn’t Cool?

C-JeS Entertainment recently announced that Jae Joong will begin his Asian tour with his first concert in Seoul on September 17 and 18.

Tickets can be purchased at RM787, RM687, RM587, RM487, and RM387 (excluding the RM4 processing fee) on the website

Ticket purchases are limited to a maximum of six tickets per transaction.

For more information on tickets and concerts can be followed via Facebook, Instagram and the official Twitter iMe MY.

Kim Jae Joong Asia Tour Asia Tour Concert in Kuala Lumpur 2022 organized by iMe Malaysia will take place on September 23, 7.30 pm, at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC).

source – Gempak

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