Affordable Cymbal Pack Comparison – Drummer’s Review

Here’s a special video from sister site Drummers Review where we present an affordable Cymbal Pack comparison, featuring…

*Meinl HCS Series
*Zildjian Planet Z Series
*Sabian SBR Series
*Paiste 101 Series

With all packs containing…

*14″ Hats
*16″ Crash
*20″ Ride

Meinl Says says…”You see it and can’t walk away. Just admiring your glorious drum and cymbal setup can trigger your imagination, and you have to play now. Of course, the right set of shiny bronze cymbals plays a huge part in crafting the perfect drum kit for moments of inspiration. Would the right set in your mind refer to musicality, modern sound, durability, great feel, or variety with good looks? Turns out, you can have it all AND at a great value.”

RRP: Meinl HCS Series Cymbal Pack – £205.00

Zildjian Says…”Your journey of musical expression starts with Planet Z – a series of cymbals made for drummers looking for the standard sizes and sounds to tackle any style of music. Crafted from brass, these cymbals are bright and cutting with a more controlled and focused sound. Like all Zildjian cymbals, Planet Z is proudly made in the USA.”

RRP: Zildjian Planet Z Cymbal Pack – £179.00

Sabian Says…“Yes, these are brass cymbals. No, they don’t suck. SBR cymbals are hammered and lathed. That makes them the absolute best brass for beginners, because they’re fun to play. So if you’re just starting out – START HERE.”

RRP: Sabian SBr Cymbal Pack – £208.00

Paiste Says…“Ushering in a higher standard of sound and durability, the 101 series stay true to the renown Paiste quality whilst offering an affordable option for the aspiring drummer looking for high performance and quality sound at an attainable price. Nothing is sacrificed in the pursuit of performance, the tonal properties of these cymbals are bright and pronounced, they punch well above their weight and perform within any musical context be it soft and subtle or heavy and bold. Supplied as individual units or pre-configured box sets, a wide selection is available to ensure you have the best tools at your disposal as you begin your musical journey.”
RRP: Paiste 101 Cymbal Pack – £198.00

-Music Instrument News

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