Afdlin Shauki positive COVID-19: “God wants me to rest …”

Afdlin Shauki positive COVID-19: “God wants me to rest …”

Well-known actor and producer, Datuk Afdlin Shauki calmed down when he tested positive for COVID-19.

According to Afdlin, he had been infected with the virus for the past few days and began to feel the symptoms.

“I’m sorry, it’s been two days and the symptoms are getting worse, there is no shortness of breath so far,” he said.

He shared the news through the latest post on Instagram yesterday along with the latest MySejahtera status screen display.

Even so, Afldin considers the allegations that befell him to be wisdom so that he can rest and take better care of his health.

“I’m sorry if I can’t answer calls or reply to messages. I think Allah SWT wants me to rest for a while
“Six people from my team (troops) were caught after more than two years of surviving COVID-19. Sorry for the trouble, but now it’s time for me to take care of myself,” he wrote.

In the comments section, the average follower and friend of the artist also prayed for the Papadom film actor to persevere and recover as usual.

“Keep strong my bro! I hope there is no harm .., “he wrote in one of the comments.

“Get well soon, I hope everything will be easier for my brother,” the netizen prayed.


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