Adibah Noor’s wish to release a jazz album was not achieved – Mokhzani

Adibah Noor’s wish to release a jazz album was not achieved – Mokhzani

JERANTUT: The wish of the late Adibah Noor to publish a jazz album with Big Band, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) under the direction of Datuk Mokhzani Ismail was not achieved.

Singer of the song “Terlalu Istimewa”, Adibah Noor Mohamed Omar, 51, breathed her last at Gleneagles Hospital due to stage four ovarian cancer, at 7.30 pm, yesterday.

The passing of the late also surprised Mokhzani because in December 2021, the late contacted him to discuss and plan to publish jazz genre songs.

Mokhzani said he agreed to release an album with five songs because the Big Band jazz genre has not been released for a long time.

“Adibah also agreed to write the lyrics of a new song I created for the album and is ready to enter the studio this July.

“Because Adibah wanted to focus on the Gegar Vaganza 8 (GV8) reality show earlier this year, the planning was delayed and I retired,” he said when contacted this morning.

He said that after he was given the opportunity to continue his service as a music director, the desire to release the delayed album was revived.

“I tried to contact Adibah through the WhatsApp application but the deceased remained silent.

“Maybe at that time Adibah was helpless, because she wanted to rest while keeping her illness a secret.

“Today, I am in the village (Perlis), I was shocked to hear the news that Adibah is gone, I am saddened by the loss of a national gem,” he said.

He said he had composed three songs titled “Sang Rembulan”, “Hujan” and “I Love You For a Sentimental Reason” for Adibah.

Recounting Adibah’s early journey in the field of voice art, Mokhzani said, she often brought the late to perform, including in the Klang Valley.

“At the beginning of Adibah’s involvement, who can sing songs of various genres, gave the opportunity to the deceased to rise from a regular singer to a singer who sang his own songs and then became a host.

“Initially I paid her only RM500 per performance, then after he became more popular, she was paid up to RM10,000,” he said.

According to Mokhzani, Adibah is also not stingy in inviting him to perform together and is willing to share her sustenance.

“After the performance, she (Adibah) paid me, if the payment is small, we get a little and if the big payment is a lot, she said there is more sustenance, we get more.

“She also likes to joke, enjoy working with her who is also professional in her work.

“We expect to be in the studio for this album in July of this year, but God loves it more.

“May the deceased be placed with the faithful,” he said.

source – Amir Hamzah Nordin

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